.hack//Legend Of The Twilight

H-LOTT_HTitle: .hack//Legend Of The Twilight
Or: .hack//DUSK
adventure, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, online computer gaming
Eps: 12;
Directed by: Koichi Mashimo, Koji Sawai;
Character design: Yoko Kikuchi;
Original character design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto;
Studio: Bee Train;
Year: 2003;
Watched: 2013;
Dub: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
.hack video games;
Manga: Tatsuya Hamazaki, il: Rei Izumi (2002 – 2004);
Anime: .hack//Sign (2002);
OVA: .hack//Intermezzo (2003);
OVA: .hack//Unison (2003);
OVA: .hack//Gift (2003);
OVA: .hack//Liminality (2002 – 2003);

Main characters:

  • Rena – sister, BlackRose, the kidnapped one;
  • Shugo – brother, Kite, the saving one;
  • Hotaru – the phlegmatic one;
  • Mireille – the loli one;
  • Ohka – the werewolf one – though looks like a fox  or cat girl;

First (and main) – I don’t play video games.. No RPG or whatever called things.. And this anime is all about that. It doesn’t show a real life a lot, most (almost all) action happens in the game named “The World” (well the name itself gives a hint that its more real in this anime than the actual reality). Reality is represented gray, dark and dull, while the game is colorful and fun.

H-LOTT_BraceletTalking about the plot – well its kinda simple, Shugo and Rena are twins (and all that big brother thing..) are playing the game, because they won some contest and now have a powerful characters.. Shugo gets a magical bracelet at the first ep and actually sucks at the game, while Rena is quite good and with the help of their friends they defeat some serious monsters. Eventually they understand that something is wrong, because monsters appears to be too strong for the levels they play in. So the administrators and some CC corp gets involved and then Rena gets kidnapped (in reality falls in coma), Shugo has to find the way to save her and the adventures goes on.

H-LOTT_BothSo what can I say – predictable and fills all the “successful” anime pattern holes the simplest way possible – has a kimono scene, boy x boy accidental, brother x sister not happened, girl x older hero-i-am-so-cool type guy blush and not happened – kissing scenes, fighting mysterious monsters, plotting and scheming behind others’ backs, a stupid character, who’s only purpose is to be stupid, existence, sweet and chubby strange looking animal you won’t find anywhere else (though it didn’t have any special powers if i recall correctly, which is odd)  and so on.. All characters are very basic and in-unique in my opinion – we have: a loli-too-excited-to-be-alive-pristess-looking Mireille, a non-fitting-hero-with-strange-affection-towards-his-sister-and-girly-looking Shugo, well Rena is ok I guess,  I-am-too-sexy-for-my-cloths-wolf/boobs-but-has-a-hairy-chest Ohka (sounds like orca – don’t you think? oh wait! cha cha Ohka is a plane, so what gives? rofl), I-am-stupid-just-because-I-am-stupid-and-appearing-everywhere-making-not-funny-jokes guy-I-have-no-idea-what-the-name-is, oh-I-am-so-naive-and-sugery-sweet-you-will-sh*t-rainbows-for-a-week Hotaru (also has a strange looking animal), a-floating-kill-them-all-one-eye game spirit (actually AI that became too smart I think), floating-save-them-all-both-eyes game spirit, I-am-good-no-wait-I’m-bad-or-maybe-good-admin guy and of course the pretty-and-cool-one-so-hero-type-all-girls-want-him admin guy..

Maybe I’m a bit harsh.. well I have a major headache, so I might be a bit harder on things, but I just didn’t find anything that I liked about this anime, well ending was quite nice if that counts, maybe the design of characters wasn’t that bad
H-LOTT_Shugo H-LOTT_Rena H-LOTT_Ohna
but the game’s world sucked, monsters as well.. though I don’t feel like I wasted my time (well I spend two days watching this, but as it was dubed I could do other stuff while having this as a background, like while backing cookies….mmmm cookies…. wait what I was talking about?)


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op: “New World” by ROUND TABLE ft. Nino [lyrics]

ed: “Emerald Green” by See-Saw [lyrics]



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