King Of Thorn

Title: King Of Thorn
OR: Ibara no Ou
psychological, Monsters
Directed by: Kazuyoshi Katayama;
Written by: Kazuyoshi Katayama, Hiroshi Yamaguchi;
Character design: Hidenori Matsubara;
Studio: Sunrise;
Year: 2009 Fall (though world wide release was on 2010-05-01, but by ANN and others true vintage was on 2009-10-09);
Watched: 2011;
Subbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);

Manga: Yūji Iwahara (2002-5);

Main characters:

  • Kasumi Ishiki – the main girl;
  • Marco Owen – bad ass hero guy;
  • Katherine Turner – the blond;
  • Timothy Laisenbach – Tim, the kid;

First of all I will say – don’t expect me to explain this movie! Its not like its that complicated, but it manages to get you lost in a way.. Its as if too much of ideas mixed up at once so eventually you just understand that most of the characters die and well mm.. I guess thats all ^.^

So the basic – this movie has a really strong science fiction line and mystery going. All the psychological stuff happens in the end – like playing with people minds and so on. To me this movie has that strong American-ic influence (or just a bit typical.. because eventually i don’t know who started all that supercomputer-going-mad sequence, but one of the best appearances in movies of this was in “Eagle Eye”). But as I said a lot of things are mixed up – the mysterious virus that can’t be cured, the strange ancient looking freezing facility, where chosen people suppose to be kept for 100 years with hope that maybe cure will be found, links to some old stories (Alice, Sleeping Beauty and so on), mad super computer, crazy monsters, conspiracy, dreams becoming reality, mixture of people and so on..  So yes, to find all the links between these things is kinda tricky.

Scotish Castle – freezing fasility

The main idea is about a girl, who is chosen to participate in that freezing project. She has a twin sister, who’s left alone, so is really sad. Eventually all of the participants are put to sleep. After some time they woke up and the environment is changed rapidly – strange monsters appear and kill most of the people.. The girl and some more people survive and so the game of survival starts. There comes conspiracy, some hero action, some more death until psychological stuff starts. Because actually the girl is not exactly what you think she is.. but for this you will have to check the movie, as this is a really tricky part..

Well in any case – its a good mystery movie, good effects, nice animation, not bad idea, though has holes in it (maybe better to say is overflowing with different ideas, as maybe a bit too much of everything is put in, though not everything works till the end). Also at some points its a bit too much of a video game (and its even said so in a movie itself), but it didn’t bother me too much, so I think its ok as well.. But eventually I just couldn’t give a higher score to this movie only for one reason – it kills one of the main heroes without any reason. Its just not my way..







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