Now And Then, Here And There

Title: Now And Then, Here And There
Or: Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku
adventure, drama, science fiction, military, post-apocalyptic, time travel, war
Eps: 13;
Directed by: Akitaro Daichi;
Written by: Hideyuki Kurata;
Studio: AIC, Geneon Entertainment;
Year: 1999-2000;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Gray-Phantom [G_P];
MAL: 9 (great);

Star-4 Star-5

Main characters:

  • Shuzo “Shu” Matsutani – the hero boy;
  • Lala-Ru – the blue haired girl that controls water;
  • Sara Ringwalt – the blond girl;
  • Hamdo – a bad guy, and this time I mean like totally crazy guy;

I am sitting for an hour now thinking of a fitting opening lines for this anime. Something that would shock and catch your attention by an instant. Because this anime is worth it – it does the same. Maybe not from the first scenes, but after you see few episodes you get that strange feeling that something is so wrong, so terribly wrong that all of your essence just screams out loud that someone has to fix this.

I could count on my one hand’s fingers of all the main characters that stayed alive till the end.. And I lost count of all the wrong things that were done here. Lets start with the plot – main here is a boy Shu that accidentally meets a girl named Lala-Ru. But she has a special power and controls water. And as one really mad and crazy guy needs that power of her he tries to find her by all means. And as being so crazy and totally heartless person he has a full army under his control – mainly because people still trust him, they tend not to fight against but go by his will though it means killing others, raping young girls and kidnapping kids. Hamdo has a big army of kids who obey his orders, because “they don’t have other choice”. Few of them are Nabuka and Boo, who just want to go home. But that is just blindness – Boo actually sees what is wrong, yet he is small, but Nabuka – he is blind.. he thinks that everything is going to be fine, when war is over they will go home – but there is no home to go back to.. and he knows that, but he turns his back on that and tries not to see.

But I got a bit ahead here. So Shu meets Lala-Ru, Abilia (really obedient servant of Hamdo) takes her back to the world she came from and as Shu tries to help Lala-Ru to escape he gets caught also. In that other world he fails to save Lala-Ru and by chance meets Nabuka and Boo. Hamdo and Abilia start to torture him as they try to find a pendent of Lala-Ru as Hamdo believes Shu has (no he doesn’t). During that Shu meets a girl named Sara (who is kidnapped by mistake, because she looks a bit like Lala-Ru), he tries to give her hope, but she has to experience much more than he could ever imagine..

Eventually Shu is forced to become a soldier and sees what is really wrong on this world. As Hamdo usually has a really strange ideas (more could say totally reckless) he comes short of soldiers – so he orders to go to villages, kidnap all kids and burn down the place. Shu tries to stop that and basically gets the idea of what crazy things are going on. “Killing is not going to stop, until you stop it” – someone has to stop that everything would stop. They have to turn back and see what is going on. And yet its even more disturbing, because I know that there are such things in this world as well – this isn’t just a 13 ep story about imagined lolis with big guns, this is something we are going to and fast..

But I’m lost again. Lets continue – so after Shu understands in what kind of hell he is (sarcastic, that place is named Hellywood) he manages to rescue Lala-Ru and they run away. Btw – why Lala-Ru is so important? well she can control water and actually that land has really small water supplies, as Hamdo’s ship needs water to run, he needs her to be able to control his ship. But by running away Lala-Ru gives a big splash to get them out of Hamdo’s hands so now Hamdo has enough water to run his ship. He figures that is time to destroy one last village (where some people still live almost peacefully). And by chance Lala-Ru and Shu happens to find that village and start living there. Also they meet Sara there (who kills one of the soldiers who tried to rape her and runs away). But in that village also live all sorts of people – mainly ones that had lost their families, loved-ones, their home by Hamdo’s hand and his greed for power. There is even told some stories about some of those people and you can feel all their urge for revenge and where it comes from. But yet someone has to stop killing that all this war would stop – but on one condition, there shouldn’t be any crazy-ass f*cker who thinks he is a king of the world and everything goes by his will and he can kill everyone around – that is just plain wrong.

So eventually Shu puts more or less an end to all the madness (though everything goes by its own more, some kills, some are killed, some die by accident.. everything starts to go into right places, probably for the first time in all this anime).

So you can figure that this is not a simple ordinary anime that you will see – its something way deeper. Every character is analyzed and most of them represent some sort of people – heroes, blind slaves, disappointed in world people and so on. But everyone has hope as long as they are alive, you can change something as long as you are alive. Shu is a living proof of that – his optimism, his heroism, his simple thinking about what is wrong and what s right – it inspires to go forward no matter how much shit you have to go through. All the people around him get inspired by him, even Lala-Ru – who lived for thousands of years and saw everything, or Sara- who got so much pain even though it was not her fault. But also you meet Hamdo – a crazy scum, who is so f*cked up and greedy that has so much power over others that scares and gives a bad feeling. He is a gather of all sins in one body – and i wouldn’t imagine anyone watching this anime and not asking “why do they listen to him? why someone just doesn’t hang him? he’s a bastard of all time” – but also I would respond – didn’t we had such people here? wasn’t there Hitler, Stalin and others? and people listened, people feared. As long as these people have strong allies they can do so much wrong on this earth..

Well after all that psychological stuff only last thing left to say from me, even though this anime is harsh, tough and all other meanings of strong and deep I still miss an ending a bit.. Ya everything figures out more or less, but after all that suffering and pain I still would like to see something like I dont know.. rewarding or something. Ya we all get the main strong message and stuff, but at least Shu could meet a Lala-Ru in life or something.. Something happy, something extremely good should have been bound to happen.. I hope that at least he became better at kendo ^.^



op: “Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku (今、そこにいる僕; Now and Then, Here and There)” by Toshio Masuda

ed: “Komoriuta… (子守歌…; Lullaby…)” by Reiko Yasuhara



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