Dallos_HTitle: Dallos
science fiction
Eps: 4;
Directed by: Mamoru Oshii;
Written by: Hisayuki Toriumi, Mamoru Oshii;
Character design: Toshiyasu Okada;
Studio: Studio Pierrot;
Year: 1983;
Watched: 2012;
Subbed: eng by daifuku [DaifukuExpress-Subs];
MAL: 6 (fine);

OVA: Dallos Special (1985);

Main characters:

  • Shun Nonomura – main “I’m so going to be a hero” kind of guy;
  • Rachel – a girl who’s actually in love with Shun;
  • Alex Riger – cocky blond guy, extremely strong;
  • Melinda Hearst – the blond girl who “just want to help”;

Dallos_cemiterywell now lets see.. this is a debut of Mamoru Oshii and I’d say one of the most “down to earth” anime’s he’s done. Well didn’t that sound a bit strange knowing that all the action happens on the Moon ^.^ well you get what I mean.. Other important role of this anime is that it’s the first ever OVA released (or OAV at the time). So it’s a part of history and it will always be in that place..

Talking about hard work - he's going to explode

Talking about hard work – he’s going to explode

Mainly its a story about never ending fight between working class and the rich. This time the ones that live on the Moon are working for the ones who live on Earth. Working conditions are tough and workers are not treated like ordinary humans, though they came from the same place. And while watching you can strongly feel that both sides Eartlings and Moon people try to separate each other, while in the end they all are people. That gives a full reason for revolutionists and the ones who are against to break out. Shun gets involved into one of such movements without him even noticing it. That also provokes the super police forces to appear – here comes the cocky blond guy, who has a really strong aura and can control dogs very well. Also his relative, a beautiful blond girl, comes from Earth – she believes that whats going on is wrong and actually wants to help, but she is kind of naive while world is not.


Police dogs! I wouldn’t want to meet one of those

Dallos is a huge strange machine (building) which revolutionists try to recover, to help them fight. That goes terribly wrong if I recall correctly, well to figure that out you will just have to check this anime one out ^.^

Dallos_Dallos-1 Dallos_Dallos-2

One of the side stories going on beside the fight is love figure (its beyond the triangle so just lets call it figure) between Rachel who’s in love with Shun, Shun who’s kinda likes Melinda, Melinda, who’s just pretty – its hard work you know, being pretty I mean.. And there is Alex, who takes care of Melinda..

Dallos_Blond Dallos_Reichel Dallos_Alex

One more thing.. Drawing was so sixties or something and reminded me Scooby Doo (or other that time cartoon) just better quality and more detailed.. Anyway was nice to the eye.. Though as far as I read about this anime through out the internet most people are like “Unfortunately I have just suffered through the entire four-part (120 entire minutes) version of this execrable, ill-conceived, badly executed pile of crap and wish to save you from experiencing the same horror as I have just witnessed”.. I wouldn’t be so rough on it though..  ya its a bit boring at times, but yet it has a story and you can even understand it.. mostly so I still think its better than a lot of other movies in the word ^.^

And the last minor detail.. Question of the day: tell me what’s wrong in this picture:




op: OP Theme by Namba Hiroyuki:



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