Aired in 2008 Fall

As I mentioned in my post earlier I will try to put some lists of aired (or started) anime of that year divided into seasons (well that because in internet you might find these visual guides and I like them a lot). I will try to provide the source for the original. So lets start with the fall of 2008 that was given by Chartfag as well. I suppose this is a final version.


Source: ChartFag (^.^ humble respect for the author Note.5);


Red marking – I saw before this blog so I didn’t write about it;
Green marking – they are in the list of this blog;
other signing is written in the picture.





  • In total: 54 (anime) + 12 (ovas) + 8 (continuing ovas) = 74;
  • R4;
  • G1;
  • Seen: 5;


2008 AY (note: it has more links)
Anime News NetworksFall 2008 Anime Preview Guide; and by some other users: Zac Bertschy – Fall, Carlo Santos – Fall, Casey Brienza – Fall, Carl Kimlinger – Fall;
The Chart Driver: Autumn/Fall 2008 Anime Preview;


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