G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Title: G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design Class
comedy, slice of life
Eps: 12;
Directed by: Hiroaki Sakurai;
Character Design: Atsuko Watanabe;
Studio: AIC;
Year: 2009;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Satoko Kiyuzuki (2004-…);
OVA: G.A. Geijutsuka Art Design Class (2010);

Main characters:

  • Kisaragi Yamaguchi – girl with glasses, loves cats, blue;
  • Miyabi Ōmichi – not smiling black hair girl, black;
  • Tomokane – boyish girl, the one with short dark hair, red;
  • Namiko Nozaki – the bigger girl with lighter brown hair, yellow;
  • Miki Noda – princess, the one with brown hair;

When I watched this anime I felt like high-schooler in the Art lesson. I could call it totally educational one. It doesn’t tell any particular story, but tells short stories involving our characters and some others. And tells educational things about drawing styles, materials and similar. Everything goes around colors (they even have a some super heroes style stories, when each represents a color)..

mascot of the school

Basically if you want to learn about all sorts of pencils, paint, drawing styles it is simple and nice way. A bunch of cute girls tells stories about all then. Though it doesn’t show how to draw or tech techniques but you will probably learn something interesting from this. At least for me this was fun to watch because I loved drawing and did it when I was still in high-school, so I learned some really interesting facts, but thinking about people who are not interested in that – this might be just totally boring. Though they tell a bit of story aside from art, but it doesn’t come up too much.

Basically all girls have art and design classes, so get assignments to do. As they do them all sort of new facts are explained. Also there is other group (older students – a club), they also do some stuff with art. Though there are more boys (somehow only girls are the younger class). So from the both groups stories are told.  Also some childish things like playing “it”, food making out of unbelievable things,  fairytales telling , some wondering about life are involved. Although there is no basic line and not so much action, anime is full of funny moments. Also I like the drawing style (not impressive, but used pretty well) and animation itself.

Not so much to tell though.. So I think I’ll just leave it short ^.^



op: “Osaki ni sil vous plait (お先にシルブプレ)” by Ayanoi Koukou GA girls [lyrics]

ed1: “Coloring palettes Tomokane-iro (トモカネいろ)” by Miyuki Sawashiro

ed2: “Coloring palettes Kisaragi-iro (キサラギいろ)” by Haruka Tomatsu
ed3: “Coloring palettes Nodamiki-iro (ノダミキいろ)” by Ai Tokunaga
ed4: “Coloring palettes Kyoju-iro (キョージュいろ)” by Kaori Nazuka
ed5: “Coloring palettes Namiko-iro (ナミコいろ)” by Yui Horie [lyrics]
ed6: “Kokoro-iro Palettes (ココロいろ Palettes)” by GA Genki Girls



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