Mezzo Forte

Title: Mezzo Forte
comedy, erotica, science fiction, girls with guns, police (I would even say connected to hentai, but that’s my personal opinion)
Eps: 2;
Directed by: Yasuomi Umetsu;
Studio: Green Bunny;
Year: 1998 Edit [2014.10.02]: { At the time of writing all sources announced its release date as 1998, now MAL says its from 2000 to 2001, Wiki – 2001, ANN – 1998 and 2001, IMDb – puts 1998 as the main release and 2001 as international, so it depends on the opinion };
Watched: no idea, re-watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Mezzo DSA (2003);

Main characters:

  • Mikura Suzuki – girl in orange;
  • Kenichi Kurokawa – leader of the group;
  • Tomohisa Harada – guy with crazy hair;
  • Momomi Momoi – crazy bitch;

Well first of all I saw this anime ages ago. Still on TV (and I cant assure if I was under 18 or not…), but I still had TV in my room and that was I even don’t remember when. Well lets skip that because I will start to think how old I am… damn that time goes way too fast.. you see? I already start.

This anime has a strong connection to other anime of the same studio and director – Kite. Though the story itself doesn’t connect Kite’s one but it has some links to it. Like Kite herself running in (<–). Also it has some similarities like the hentai scenes – both have them, but Mezzo in my opinion totally doesn’t need them, because it doesn’t have anything to do with the story. Like in the first ep. Mikura just dreams the scene where she is abused by her colleagues and in second ep. her copy is abused by some bandits.  And its like pushed into the story line.

Ok the story. Basically its about 3 people who made a group that specializes in dangerous stuff. (DSA – the name of the group). And they take the assignment to kidnap one person. In the way of doing it they face some problems – like crazy daughter of the kidnapped person and some other stuff. But during the operation accident happens – that person dies. So DSA are left with some dead guy and crazy bitch chasing after them. So they decide to outsmart the crazy ones. Haruta is a specialist in making the love dolls and androids so he makes the copy of the dead father and exchange it to miss orange (she was taken by the “crazy bitch” in order to find her father). well and so on… How it ends you might guess.

In general I could say that I liked this anime. The story is good and told in appropriate way. There is enough action, (actually its all action), has some love appearances (and not only sexual ones – Haruta is actually interested in Mikura), secrets – the true relationship between the crazy girl and orange girl (they are some how connected and they have the same eyes…<—–).

Lets talk something more fun. Like the amazing flying bug car.. ya it can go anywhere and drive on any road.. and even when there is no road..

1s. Lets flyyyyyyyy…….                              2s. it was just too good to miss…
3s. it land and actually drives on water           4s. It goes up the stairs that are half that wide

5s. And not only that.. it actually flies up the end of stairs… ya its a nice flying bug car (^.^) and later it changes color from yellow to more suitable… pink… (ha ha.. i hate pink.. except underwear and nails, and some rest of my pink enemy stuff – you know keep your friends near, but enemies nearer..) ok lets leave it there..

Well because this anime is kinda short there is not so much to tell. There is one basic line story, not much going into any deep. so lets finish it with one cool thing out of it:

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t like anything like it ?
<—- the ring of the guy that was kidnapped…

This time I will skip all the nudity and sex stuff because everybody already knows about it in this anime, so its not necessary.


AMV (cool fights):

op: words MEZZO forte appearing on the screen…

ed: some crazy music..



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