Wicked City

Title: Wicked City
Or: Yōjū Toshi
adventure, horror, science fiction, supernatural
Directed by: Kousuke Kuri, Yoshio Masumizu;
Written by: Hideyuki Kikuchi (Original novel), Kisei Choo (Screenplay)
Character design: Yoshiaki Kawajiri;
Studio: Madhouse;
Year: 1987;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Live-action: Wicked City (1992);

Main characters:

  • Taki – strong and manly main guy, undercover super secret agent – Black Gard, actually cool guy;
  • Makie – a girl from a dark side, is really strong in both body and spirit;
  • Giuseppi Mayart – better known as The Geezer;

Movie is soaked with dark (how many times in a row did I watched this kind of movies already? I should move to something brighter) and classy atmosphere (like one of those a bit older gangster movies, where men still wore costumes and women were well.. naturally beautiful).

The story is thrilling, yet maybe a bit hmm “men in black”-ish – our world is connected with a dark world. Every now and then some fight between sides appear, but things go more or less fine. Time to time a treaty between the worlds have to be renewed and this time it happens in Tokyo (ya ya the center of the world) so our main guy Taki has to protect an old <–geezer who is essentially important to the ceremony. Though Taki had some not really pleasant experience with women from dark side (imagine yourself sleeping with that–> thing), he has to work with one of them – a special agent Makie. She is an extraordinary explicit beautiful lady, who is strong inside and outside and as Taki says “just too perfect”. On the same time rebellions from the dark side try to kidnap or kill the geezer (which is not exactly their goal, about that later). But the geezer is not one ordinary old man, he is one a hell of a pervert, who runs off to find some girls. And kinda traditional that he goes to a bathhouse, where girls rub a soup on men bodies with their own bodies. Just the girl he finds is kinda dark <—herself. But heroes wouldn’t be heroes if they didn’t save him and make the day with a minor detail that Makie is kidnapped along the way. So now the operation goes from save the geezer to save the girl. But everything turns out good in the end, which is a bit surprising (though you can predict what will happen, and that this operation was not what it seemed from the start, but for that you will have to see the movie).

For me it was a nice movie (though be sure to have a proper age to watch it), with a nice ending. Reminded a bit old fashioned detective (or gangster) movies, where usually rains and the main guy tells the story in a deep low voice making simple remarks and jokes that never get out of fashion, while walking down the allay in his raincoat and hat. Animation is good, drawing also (for 1987), characters developed enough. But…

its filled with adult scenes and nudity, which even sometimes fits to the story and is not just pushed on like in Mezzo Forte, but well ok maybe its  a bit too much in total (being tortured by making love to ^ her sounds too hentai if you ask me–>… even if its made to make a guy jealous.. but she seems to enjoy it.. or the time when they recover from a fight with a <–spider woman – imagine yourself  waking up from almost deadly fight with scary looking strange woman – first I guess you would be shocked to be alive, then you would wonder why you lie on the floor in a chapel.. naked.. and then probably you would wonder what a hell is going on.. but what do our heroes do? they “bang” each other.. ohh well, what can I say – love strikes when you least expect).

But one thing I just can’t skip without mentioning – for being a Black Guard, strong and all, Taki actually doesn’t fulfill that – every time he is in danger he blows it (first Makie saves him, then he <–just smashes into the wall while she is abused (observe the panties scene above), then she saves him again, and even when he goes to save her, the old geezer actually saves them..), so if he is the strongest of them all – humanity is kinda doomed.. For being a hero he doesn’t really follows his duties.. except the fact that he plays his part of saving the world in the end (but even that is made in the way I don’t exactly expect from the hero..). But maybe thats only the impression, because he is by side of a stronger woman (Makie), and actually fighting Dark ones (who have special powers) while being a human (totally powerless) is not so simple. Even shooting them down is hard (poor Taki almost crashed through the wall while shooting–> recoil of the bang is that strong).  Ok so lets just forgive him – he’ll get better with time, and he is already cool ^.^

Well for the end – the one for the ladies: ^.^






op: “HOLD ME IN THE SHADOW” by Hitomi Tōyama

ed: “IT’S NOT EASY” by Hitomi Tōyama



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