Honey and Clover II

Title: Honey And Clover II
Or: Hachimitsu to Clover
comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, Fine Arts, unrequited love
Eps: 12;
Directed by: Tatsuyuki Nagai;
Character Design: Shuichi Shimamura;
Studio: J.C.Staff;
Year: 2006;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Star-3 Star-5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>❀<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Manga: Chica Umino (2000-6);
Anime: Honey And Clover (2005);
Live-Action: Honey And Clover (2006);
TV Drama: Honey And Clover (2008);
TV Drama: 蜂蜜幸運草 (2008);

Main characters:

  • Hagumi Hanamoto – Hagu, small, shy blond girl;
  • Yūta Takemoto – also a bit shy gray hair boy;
  • Shinobu Morita – black hair guy, who always messes around;
  • Takumi Mayama – serious guy with glasses;
  • Ayumi Yamada – nice taller girl;

well now what can I say about this one.. its a sequel of the first part and continues the same love stories as before. and one more adds that I didn’t mention in the previous review (and was the most exiting for me in this part). Its a story between Yamada and Nomiya… (its strange that I didn’t write about it before). They met in first season, because Nomiya worked with Mayama and got his eye on Yamada. Mayama as overprotected friend started to forbid all the relationship, because Nomiya is actually a bit of playboy.. But eventually he started to look at her as “that only one” and started to do everything to win her heart. And that is actually something hard to do, specially because she is so not over Mayama. But at this part Nomiya shows more.. hmm how to call it.. cute and nice face of him. When he drives all night to Yamada just because she sounded not totally honest on the phone. I guess this was the best part of this season..

Now about all other stories.. Hagu and Takemoto & Hagu and Morita – disaster. Nothing got out of it. Though Hagu is in love with Morita, but at some point she doesn’t choose him. As she stands on a line where she is in big trouble she chooses a better life instead of love. A more convenient and sure life with guess who? well you probably already know.. I will just leave it at there as it is.. well ya she chooses a man who she owes a lot and to whom she actually feels a lot of love also..but that is too complicate to explain and eventually everyone of us have our own thoughts set on these kind of things..

other story that is more interesting – Mayama and Rika. She has to go to Spain for work and so Mayama tries to forbid her to go.. would be not that bad, but the methods he takes… ya I’m aware this is what people sometimes do, but is it a right thing to do? even if you love someone and you want just to protect him/her, but still do we have the right to take over their personal life so much? like checking all personal emails, papers, faxes, phone calls, checking where she goes and what she does.. ya he wants to protect her, because I guess she wants to end her life in the end of her job.. even so in her place I would think he is just nuts and want to control me…

not so much else, because I skip the main love line.. So you will have to live with it also ^.^ but still this is a deep deep story that goes under your skin and gives you shivers.. it goes somewhere in dark and forgotten place of heart and shakes it up, puts a little light into it and you start to see what was so long time ago lost..

Talking about jokes and fun things – I don’t remember many good parts compared with the first season (it seams like someone got out of inspiration..). It is full of silly small jokes, but nothing that got my attention a lot, so.. that’s all folks ^.^





op: “Fugainaiya (ふがいないや)” by YUKI [lyrics]

ed: “Split (スプリット)” by SuneoHair [lyrics]



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