Nitaboh: The Shamisen Master

Title: Nitaboh: The Shamisen Master
Or: Nitaboh: Tsugaru Shamisen Shiso Gaibun
drama, historical
Directed by: Akio Nishizawa;
Studio: WAO Corporation;
Year: 2004;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);


Main characters:

  • Nitaboh – playing boy;
  • Yuki – a girl;

This is a heart warming film that is like a cherry petal flying in a spring wind.  The story is simple, but at the same time cute and nice. It’s a story of a big ambition boy, who learns to play old guitar like musical instrument shamisen. As he is blind he cant earn food in a lot of ways so music opens a path of becoming traveling musician. Traveling Goze (a blind traveling female poet and singer) teaches him to play the instrument and he starts to  evolve to something unique. As time passes he starts to use a new technique and eventually with a hlp of friends gets a new shamisen to play.

In all the film also goes a love story between the boy and Yuki – though there is no signs of them being together. At one moment she even caries a baby (that definitely is not his..), but she always waits for him, helps and supports him in all ways. So lets just believe everything is fine – the last moment when h comes home an she runs into his arms in slooow motioooon.

During the time he learns how to play he has to go through some tough training – like he sits on the edge of the rock in the sea in storm and plays. Dont know how it may be important to polish your technique, but well ok, everyone has its own method. And eventually to become a master, he masters a technique of mediums (well to bring out a spirit.. hmm ok it is the type that touches the heart of everyone I guess).

For the historical touch – Nitaboh is a real person, who started a new style of playing shamisen – Tsugaru style.


In any case it nice and warm film to see. Just listen to that song:

Nitaboh’s performance:

And something I cant skip (he is really good… respect for the musician ^.^)



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