Title: REC
drama, romance, slice of life, seiyuu
Eps: 9+1 special;
Directed by: Ryutaro Nakamura;
Studio: Shaft;
Year: 2006;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 9 (great);
Manga: Hanamizawa Q-Tarou (2002-…);

Main characters:

  • Fumihiko Matsumaru – the boy;
  • Aka Onda – the girl;

something cute and touching deep inside of your lonely (or not) heart.. something that shows simple and yet complicated relationships of one boy and one girl.

Aka (means red..) meets Matsumaru by accident (or not) and spends evening  with him trying to cheer him up as he was  left by other girl he supposed to meet. After they go on their own paths they are fated to meet again when Aka gets into trouble as her flat burns down and she is left out on street. Matsumaru takes her in his flat (and tries to relieve her stress the best way most men know..) and they start to live together.

Aka dreams to become professional voice actress and by accident (or not) is chosen to be voice of the main character of Matsumaru’s first accepted advertisement. So they decide to keep they relationship in secret.. though they themselves don’t know who they are for each other..and so they keep on trying to find out what they want and how to live.. they find some hard and big rocks on the way and only by understanding and patience they can come over them.. but as they both are shown really realistically they are not so ideal and have their ups and downs..

The way men overcome problems.. helps every time

As Matsumaru starts to have problems at work he trows all his sadness and anger on Aka, who on the other hand starts to claim lathers of success really fast. And i think most of us know times when you say not the things you really want, but the ones that hurt other person.. when you feel so down that you give all that to other person without even thinking… when you don’t know how to say “I am sorry” though its the only thing on your mind.. It’s true, short and warm story about two people dealing with the same problems and obstacles..

in the end lets just say this is fun and sweet though funny and realistic anime for nice evenings spending and getting into romantic mood.. good to see if you had an argue with your partner or feel lonely – relax and gives more to think about..

one last minor detail – a question: guess this is a boy or a girl?

for answer check the anime..





op: “Cheer~Makka na kimochi~” by Kanako Sakai

ed: “Devotion” by BRACE;d



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