Title: Gasaraki
drama, science fiction, supernatural, mecha, military, real robot
Eps: 25;
Directed by: Ryousuke Takahashi, Goro Taniguchi;
Character Design: Shukou Murase;
Studio: Sunrise;
Year: 1998-99;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Gray Phantom [G_P];
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Meimu  (1998-2000);

Main characters:

  • Yushiro Gowa – the main guy, who is not actually the real Yushiro;
  • Miharu – a strong girl, who is a bit lost;

I will confess at the beginning so you wouldn’t think that something is wrong later – I totally missed the true meaning of this anime. I confess that fair and square. I barely understood the story line and action going on, so no wonder i didn’t get all the political thing going on. I never was good with history and all conspiracy things so this was just getting trickier and trickier with every ep while i just lost it. well to tell the whole truth I wasn’t even trying really hard..

well anyway – some story as far as i understood. The guy named Yushiro is a son in one really powerful family and has a power of controlling one strange looking big thing (ancient looking mecha). His family (specially his brother) wants him to revive that machine and control it to take over Japan (what a shocker..). Also as he is naturally good in controlling these machines he is good in controlling our days mecha robots also, so he becomes a member of one Americans’ squad. Some missions are done and he gets to meet a strange girl Miharu, who pilots robots of opposite site. But you can guess that they feel a strange bond between each other so they become something like friends (that’s hard to explain. I think they feel more than friendship towards each other). Anyway they have to go over a lot of things, because Yushiro doesn’t want to control Kai (that ancient thing), because it means killing off a lot of people. And Miharu doesn’t want that either. So they run away from everything – well there is more than just Gowas (the family), there are also some other politicians and stuff. Well eventually everything becomes just fighting between some groups and trying to fulfill their plans, while Yushiro and Miharu tries to stop…


But during all this anime they were talking so much (and action was so little) that I usually just got bored and switch to some other work while it was going as a background. That probably is the main problem I had with this anime. It was trying to explain all that mystery and conspiracy that it took most of all anime time and it became just bla bla bla about something, while it had a great environment for good mecha fights (yet there were few.. but compared to all that talking they did explaining all their master plans in a way that you still wouldn’t understand in the end, it is not enough). The ending is good – everything more or less is solved and the bad ones get punished. I understood that Yushiro’s younger sister (who has really strong feeling towards her brother, which looks odd in the circumstances) is Miharu’s representation or something like that, also she has some special powers and can control some other big ancient machine. Well that is also complicated, but because she was a good girl whole world (or at least Japan) was not wiped out.

Characters are not developed enough (even the main ones), and I just can’t not to compare this anime with Flag, which I liked a lot and it had the same mystery atmosphere, mechas, even similar military group, but yet surpassed Gasaraki in so many levels. It’s just surprising how it took 25 eps and yet they didn’t manage to explain most of the story, develop any characters and show any action while they kept on talking most of the time..

but yet, I don’t say it is totally unworthy of seeing (just its not my taste probably), I even like animation – its gloomy and dark (mostly dark colors are used), no really light or funny scenes are involved (at least i don’t remember), but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it is serious and tent to keep that atmosphere, i think thats better than trying to push some humor that doesn’t belong there, no real romance also (though main characters share some emotions). So its strictly for serious audience that are tired of silly pansu and tits jokes and try to find some deeper knowledge that you have to dig out yourself out of all the conversations (because even if they talk a lot, it doesn’t mean that they say everything straight).

Edit [2015.01.27]: Ok I just noticed, the the first picture I uploaded to this post (except the header) is so dark that you hardly can see anything.. lets correct that with simple google/image search. (Second img is from here)

Gasaraki_Mecha Gasaraki_Mecha-2





Insert song: “Vanity” by SEEMA

op1: “Message #9” by Tomoko Tane [lyrics]

op2: “REMIX OF MESSAGE #9:type M” by Tomoko Tane

ed: “Love Song” by Tomoko Tane [lyrics]



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