Title: Hitohira
comedy, drama, school
Eps: 12;
Directed by: Akira Nishimori;
Character Design: Junko Yamanaka, Masatomo Sudô;
Studio: Xebec M2;
Year: 2007; Spring;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Izumi Kirihara (2004-9);
Manga: Hitohira Encore Izumi Kirihara (2009-10);

Main characters:

  • Mugi Asai – a main girl, the one that has personality issues;
  • Nono Ichinose – girl with short brown hair, that has voice issues;
  • Takashi Katsuragi – the gray hair guy, speaks very well, lover boy;
  • Risaki Nishida – the violet longer hair girl, has anger management issues;
  • Kai Nishida – more or less black hair guy, lover boy no.2, has sister (Risaki) issues;
  • Chitose Kanna – yellow hair, annoying girl, has “wrong lover” issue;
  • Kayo Tōyama – dark green hair, the friend, photographer;

Basically a story about a girl that has really big voice, but even bigger fear of other people and actually… life. But as she starts to go to new school – its time to change the way of life, so she enters something like drama club (well with a little help of Nono-sempai’s charm).

But the big road of self searching and beating all that big fear is actually harder than the girl imagined. She has to face all the biggest horror of her life – to stand on the stage and play. Usually she can’t even present herself in front of the class without passing out, but here she has to do even more.. But she actually falls for president of the club Nano-sempai (well its something like respect, friendship, hard to say…). And as Nano-sempai has issues with her voice Mugi tries to help her and do her best.

so that’s that in short. Also as in every “good” anime there is a fight between clubs – true drama club and the one Mugi is in.. The big friendship that went a bit off limits, because of some unexpected factors – The prez of true drama club and prez of fake one had a fight, because Nano-sempai wants to play even when she has voice issues. Also a bit of nice romance – Kai falls for Mugi, but she is too interested in all her selfsearching thing and doesn’t notice that. And Kanna falls for Katsuragi-sempai, but gets rejected, because he is more interested in Nano-sempai, who is interested in… emm… I have no idea – Drama probably.

In the end Mugi starts to get confident, but there strikes other problem, her beloved and best friend decides to go study abroad. So few last eps are spend to show how she gets over it and sees off her friend.

To tell the true I didn’t like this anime all that much… Something was terribly missing in it. And there even was a “cat-fight” scene, which was pretty good ^.^

^first hit flies to Nono-sempai face                       ^but fast reaction lands Risaki on the floor

^but Risaki repeats her splendid hit           ^ohh what a shot – Risaki doesn’t count the fast
legs of Nano and gets a direct hit to the head.

What a mach – both opponents get unconscious. And the most important question who wins who wins?

And wins…. Katsuragi-sempai!!!!! Lets celebrate everybody…

Ok lets quit joking around and get back to more serious business.

Animation and drawing was really good in my opinion. But the plot, the story, characters.. something was missing. Mugi in my mind was just a self pitying little brat, that has no confidence, and can’t even say one straight sentence for other people. (I know that to talk in public is hard, but to say your name in the class.. for Gods sake girl, get a hold of your self), also she put a huge rock on her friend and was just selfish – your friend tries to make something in her life and you try to tie her up looking all down and stop talking to her? what kind of friend are you? ya its sad that she goes way, but she is not dieing or anything.. For Nano.. she was ok I guess, she tries to make her dream come true, Katsuragi was cool, he actually was the one who thinks, so was good enough, Risaki – ill tempered, but at least a bit fun, Kai – poor guy, but also pretty cool in some ways.
And I cant skip without comparing thins anime with Sora no Manimani, which I liked more, and Glass Mask which I also liked. Sora no Manimani was also about club activities and their personal experiences. It was more form a boy’s eyes, and had definitely more funny moments. I couldn’t say which one has a deeper character analyzes, but this one has too much of wining.. Talking about Glass Mask – it was also about drama and acting, but outside of school. Girl also had some issues, but she really tried to overcome them with big fights, training and hard work.. not wining, running away and crying in a corner..

ok lets leave it alone ^.^ it is not THAT bad.. it has its own little charm and some nice moments.. which I can’t remember right now.. ah ya I still like the drawing, landscapes and animation.




op: “Yume, Hitohira (夢、ひとひら)” by Yuuko Asami [lyrics]
(sorry the best I found so far)

ed: “Smile (スマイル)” by Mai Mizuhashi [lyrics]



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