Rune Soldier

Title: Rune Soldier
Or: Mahou Senshi Louie
adventure, comedy, fantasy, elves, harem, magicians, parody, treasure hunting
Eps: 24;
Directed by: Yoshitaka Koyama;
Character design: Kazunori Iwakura;
Studio: J.C.Staff;
Year: 2001;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Exited-Destiny [E-D];
MAL: 8 (very good);
Light Novel;
Manga: Ryo Mizuno (2001-4);

Main characters:

  • Louie – the main guy, magician;
  • Melissa – blond, priestess;
  • Genie – redhead, muscle, sword woman;
  • Merrill – brown short air girl, thieve;
  • Ila – the friend of Louie;

If you want comedy, explosions, hot chicks, magic, cool guy, some romance, conspiracy, pretty guy etc etc etc look no further the Louie (as an anime I mean) is in a house. And this time I totally mean it ^.^

The story line is simple – just a not so good magician joins the group of adventurer (girls) and then gets into some pretty funny and interesting adventures. Short and simple, but not as boring at it might look like… I loved this anime for its humor and comedy the most (as the plot it self is mostly a separate stores one after another). The ending and the grand finale is built quite well (though main happens in the last eps, but also some past events connect), characters are developed and opened up nicely (most of them get a separate episodes, to see their own adventures, feelings or whatever there is to look for) so everything is in place.

So lets meet our little cast – Louie – the magician, who is a son of the head of the magician guild. At first he seems like a-good-for-nothing pervert, but he actually is a decent guy, who just want to find what he is good at and to try it out in adventures. Maybe he lacks some brains’ activity, but no question he is true hearted fighting for justice hero. He has the most faith in his fists and fights his way through everything (and I mean everything) with it.  But on the same time I just think that he is not as bad as the girls try to show him, he is trying his bast in his own way.

isn’t he dreamy ^.^ *gazing away, then suddenly shaking head* now now no time for dreaming, lets move on.. so he meets a bunch (3) of girls, who are professional adventurers. As I mentioned in the characters list the blond is Melissa, short one is Merrill and the big one Genie. They all obtain specific skill, which they use in their adventures and which are, lets face it, their credo of life.

But lets not forget how he meets with all of them separately. Observe – first was Merrill – the quick and smart thieve, whose main goal in life is money.

oh hold on there Louie *blush* you’ve only just met. The second victim.. I mean the girl he met was Genie.. – strong and powerful, but smart not to use strength when its not necessary, warrior. Extremely good with swords, but also has a good fist.

at least this time pants were left in place. The last one in Louie’s way was Melissa – a priestess of war god Maylie. They meet as Melissa tried to do a ceremony of finding her true champion.. And guess who turned to be that man..

this time i guess nothing was left in their places… *sight* Louie you’ll never change.. So you guessed it right. As Melissa got a confirmation from her God that this is her true champion, she has to serve him and help him in all his adventures.. even if all of it so AGAINST HER WILL.. the main problem of that is she doesn’t see him as any kind of champion, but in time she starts to appreciate him more and more, because instead of him she might end up with a guy like Conrad (the blond guy)..

don’t misjudge him by appearance – he is small and powerless under that armor. And let me phrase one of his super duper quotes: “I tend to forget everything that is, shall we say, inconvenient to my own self image”.. so you might understand my point there..

but never the less there is one more person I didn’t introduce (and I don’t want to be rude.. No sir) Its a very good friend of Louie – Ila. She is also magician (though not the best one also.. but we don’t get to see her power, and she is geek, so..), and usually has a lot of magic items (which sometimes makes more trouble than helps). She is rich and has a good name, but “plays it safe” and doesn’t do adventures. But she is the one that always helps Louie and is on his side, cares for him and believes in him (though totally sees that sometimes he is just a useless scum).

So the only one missing is the the rival (well he actually is not so much of a rival as just one more character, but for Melissa it is a picture of an ideal champion, so the story becomes more competitive at that moment). So there is other group of adventurers:

So I guess thats the staff. But don’t you think thats all!!! Tighten up your tops ladies and grab to your jars…

because we’re diving in ^.^ into a magic world where elves and goblins live..

prepare yourself for abnormal transformations

and some unbelievable sight

and for triple trouble…

and trust me you’ll enjoy this trip till the end. so my last word.. you haven’t seen this anime yet?



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ed: “Love & Pain” by Happonashi (the video is not connected, but still appreciated ^.^)



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