Sakasama No Patema

Title: Sakasama No PatemaSNP_H
Or: Patema Inverted
adventure, drama, fantasy, science fiction, dangers, exploration, parallel universe, upside-down world
Directed by: Yasuhiro Yoshiura;
Written by: Yasuhiro Yoshiura;
Studio: Purple Cow Studios Japan;
Year: 2013;
Watched: 2014;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

ONA: Patema Inverted: Beginning of the Day (2012);

Main characters:

  • Patema – the girl;
  • Age – the boy;

I watched this some time ago on some weekend afternoon, but didn’t have time to put my finger on the review yet. I remember that the first impression it gave was that it had a lot of similarities with film “Upside Down“, which came out a year before. But that was only the first impression because as the movie progressed it grew out to have a different story after all. And even it has the same main idea – love of two people from different worlds, which are opposite (literally) and based in similar background, yet the story is different. I even would say that this is a story of different couple in the same city, maybe even in different time span.

And even if the live action movie left me a bit better impression I would say its because I saw it first and because of the character drawing (its good, but could be better, background and scenery is nice thought).

As I mentioned before story is about two young people who fall in love thought are from different worlds (the situation of the girl – living conditions and so on reminded me of “City of Ember“). The world of a boy is rich wit a lot of rules, some of them even ridiculous – like you cant look at the sky.. And the world of the girl is under ground, dark, but yet more sincere and friendly.  They meet by accident and because of circumstances (girl is affected by different gravity and is pulled into the sky – where actually is other world, but they don’t know it yet) they bond in a relationship of trust (I have a bad feeling about this expression.. please forgive me if I just said the nonsense.. I hope you understand the idea I tried to say). Patema has to trust Age to hold her and don’t let her fly into the sky. A some point worlds chance and Age has to trust Patema. Imagine situation when you have to trust other person completely and give him all your survival chances.

SNP_His-side SNP_Her-side

And this idea of trust goes throughout the movie. On the other hand it shows the obsessive desire to rule and make other obey at any cost. Its like the opposite of trust – you want to make other live in constant fear of you, because you hold their lives tied up, in this case chained up. But these two break those chains they escape in the unknown – they chose (well Patima mostly does) to let go of secure chain to break free into unknown sky.


Gentle and sincere movie I would say.





ed: “Patema Inverse” by Estelle Micheau



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