Title: Kure-nai
Eps: 2;
Directed by: Kō Matsuo;
Written by: Kō Matsuo;
Character design: Kumi Ishii;
Studio: Brain’s Base;
Year: 2010 Summer; 20102nd Ep;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 5 (average);

Light Novel: Kentarō Katayama (2005-…);
Manga: Kentarou Katayama (2007-…)
Anime: Kure-nai (2008) ;
(note that sometimes 2nd ep is considered OAD – original animation DVD, but in any case it is a sequel of 1st ep, so I put them together..)

Main characters:

  • Shinkurō Kurenai – the main guy;
  • Murasaki Kuhōin – the little girl;
  • Ginko Murakami – girl with glasses;
  • Kirihiko Kirishima – a blond, has hard time understanding the sectrets of frenship;
  • Lin Cheng-Shin – girl with braid, overprotecting bodyguard of a girl, wears katanas as accessories – “cellphone straps”;
  • Yūno Hōzuki – a girl with long brown hair with flower-shaped pins, walking fanservice;
  • Tamaki Mutō – shorter tied up brown hair girl, usually wearing sports cloths, a flirt;
  • Yamie – woman in black;
  • Lucy May – the bad one;

the main and probably describing everything sentence would be “Thanks goodness this was not included in anime”..

Both eps are divided into 3 different parts (everything in the first ep is pretty well explained in “Star Crossed Anime Blog“.. tough but true, keep up the good work ^.^). First ep is divided into pool scene:

^now that’s a devotion to your style                      ^guess who is walking fanservice here?

^actually I like walls                           “cold is my enemy”^ – she has awfully a lot of enemies

that ends up in a fight with some lousy terrorists.
second is computer scene:

totally skipable..

third scene – sports activities (along with drawing lessons):




totally skipable….

Now the second ep. First scene – Kirihiko’s and Murasaki’s adventures in school or how Kirihiko found some friends.

^she did that with cake knife – impressive, walls probably are also her enemies…

second one: Shinkuro’s treasure or how to get 6 woman on the same lather.

^disliked the ending – poor guy gets all shit, because of some misunderstanding.. so skip

third one: How Murasaki tries to solve world’s problems or “you can just go out with me”

First – its disturbing, second – what a hell? skip skip SKIP… what? the end? sooo waste of time. One more thing to mention – Shinkuro was so like a girl all this ova.. and considering all that its so harem type..

well eventually I probably would suggest only one thing – if you didn’t see anime – go and see it! its damn good, don’t get wrong ideas out of this. If you saw – don’t watch this – it will just ruin all anime.





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