Outlaw Star

Title: Outlaw Star
adventure, comedy, drama, science fiction, bounty hunters, mecha, pirates, space, space western
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Mitsuru Hongo;
Studio: Sunrise;
Year: 1998;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);
Star-3 Star-4 Star-5
Manga: Takehiko Ito (1996-9);
Special: Outlaw Star Pilot (2008);

Main character:

  • Gene Starwind – red hair main guy;
  • James “Jim” Hawking – the boy;
  • Melfina – the mysterious girl;
  • Aisha Clanclan – Ctarl-Ctarl cat-girl;
  • “Twilight” Suzuka – the assassin girl;

This is one of those older and yet not repetitive and having its own charm anime. First a bit of story. everything starts as Gene with Jim meets up with mysterious pirate girl Hilda. (pirates in this anime is ones who use magic  and has some special powers, usually use spells – just mumbling under the nose, they are the bad ones that hunt the treasure, and as real blooded pirate Hilda has an eye strap<—).

So they end up together and Hilda presents a mysterious (get used to this, all women here are mysterious, well probably except Aisha, but about that later) girl-android named Melfina (the-girl-from-suitcase type one—->). She is one that all pirates are after. After this kinda cute meeting boys get to know other a bit more mm cold and big thing – the ship, that Melfina is the navigator of. The ship is special – it is a project of pirates working with space forces and has a grabler hands.  Special ship for only one purpose – to go to Galactic Leyline. As Hilda dies in pirates attack Gene and Jim are left with a big ship (and its pink artificial intelligence

so basically that is all the story.. sounds a bit not that original, but trust me this is pretty good anime. It has most of things that good anime has: action, some romance (Gene and Melfina), some boy love (poor Fred..), some i’ll-sacrifice-myself action, some old-Japanese-style-fighting scenes (Suzuka is great, but actually the way Gene handles her is quite a master peace – if you cant win – nude her..), some nice singing (Melfina’s song was nice, and its the same as in ed, but as I was watching dubbed version it was translated..),  Naruto-style-finger-joggling spelling,  androids falling in love,  perverted jokes (Gene actually is perverted, but not in that humiliating way that is usual in anime these days) and some other jokes in that matter also are included (check ep.9 for that mostly)..

now some more interesting stuff. Its probably strange but I liked Gene the best out of all of them (usually i like not main characters better). He was what you can call a real hero and a bit more.. He is perverted young man (hmm he is 20… younger than me in that matter…, I suddenly felt old), but actually falls in love with Melfina later, he is an outlaw (not the pirate, and not a quiet citizen, just a traveler around the space). He is armed with a lot of guns and one special Cater gun (reminds me one from FF ^) that shoots special spell casting bullets. He is afraid of space and gets sick when goes into it. But eventually gets over it and pilots the grabler ship very skillfully. I consider him to be kinda cute and good looking. Though his haircut is much better in the last ep.. they should have kept it that way all anime(^.^)

^ there he wins against Suzuka.. he has some nice structure..

^old haircut..                                                     new haircut.. ^way better, and he looks younger

now the cat girl.. Somehow i don’t like her too much, I consider her more plain stupid.. but lets have a moment for her anyway (other way she might find me and attack, because I didn’t pay enough attention to Ctarl-Ctarl ^.^… I was sick of all that catarl catarl did that and cataral catarl did other…) she is the reason this anime is for older than 18:

the last one is her other form..

and as I already mentioned Aisha I shouldn’t skip Suzuka. I already told she is a pro assassin. She fights with wooden sword and is a real professional in that. She has some really good techniques. Also Suzuka wipes boys’ noses in criminals hunting, when she caches the one they were after and gets him. “There goes our big fat chance of proving our manliness” /Jim. In the end her past is a bit revealed by one of the pirates (nothing special or new.. her family was killed by him.. “just because I killed your entire family is no reason for you to hate me so”.. a man with no face speaking.. )

As for Melfina and Jim, not so much to tell. Jim is a kid, who is computer genius and pro technician. He finds Melfina like his mother (no info about parents so far). Melfina on the other hand is bio-android that is designed specially for this ship to navigate it to that leyline I mentioned before. And I think that settles it.

^the home of this funart pic is linked to picture..






op: “Through the Night” by Masahiko Arimachi

ed1: “Hiru no Tsuki” by Arai Akino (love the pictures)

ed2: “Tsuki no Ie” by Arai Akino



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