Kiddy Grade

Title: Kiddy Grade
action, adventure, mystery, science fiction, mecha, police, space
Eps: 24;
Directed by: Keiji Gotoh;
Written by: Hidefumi Kimura;
Studio: Gonzo;
Year: 2002-3;
Watched: 2010;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 9 (great); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>❀<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Based on light novel; Manga: HIYOHIYO (2003);
Manga: Kimura Hidefumi, il: Arikui Fujimaru (2003);
Light novels x3; Movie: Kiddy Grade -Ignition- (2007);
Movie: Kiddy Grade -Maelstrom- (2007);
Movie: Kiddy Grade -Truth Dawn- (2007); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>❈<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Main characters:

  • Éclair – the main girl nr.1;
  • Lumière – the main girl nr.2 – the little one;
  • Armbrust – the guy who watches everything;

And a lot of other people:

Somehow i didn’t expect anything from this anime. The name “Kiddy Grade” and cute girls on cover usually mean a lot of fanservice and harem type ecchi scenes. (see DearS). But this anime was way different. Yes there are some scenes that are Yuri type and relationships that have something unsaid and you can think whatever you want.

^brother and sister?        ^hmm.. well … hmm… light yaoi?  ^no explanation

(but don’t get me wrong.. nothing is shown and its just depends on the way you want to interpret, everybody might see it differently) (btw the names of those brother & sister  – Tweedledee and Tweedledum – that’s totally cute names no?… reminds me of shows for little kids… tweene meene dici daci bum)

Now a bit of story. Humanity already is spread all over galaxy (no strange aliens) and there is group named Nowbless who think they are true original people and have more power than anybody else. Also there is a GOTT – an organization that acts like some sort of police and tries to  keep order and peace between different planets (they all are occupied by people – no alien also). So our main girls Lumi and Eclair are members of that organization. (also all the people in the pic above ^). Usually all members have their partners and work in pairs. They have their own abilities and are not really human but some sort of almost machine. So our main girls go and do some tasks they are ordered to do. They are accompanied by the auditor Armbrust who in most of the cases become really handy and helpful (love his suitcase – want one of those) . Stories are interesting and in the end they more or less make more sense and join in one peace. But as they are not really human they live of lives and Eclair has a memory issue. She doesn’t remember her past. That is explained later in anime so I will not do that.

The beginning is a bit slow, but later anime got my attention kinda well and I was waiting for each ep. Somewhere in the end it lost me a bit because I just didn’t know who is who, but later everything was cleared out. So yes this anime was very good if I could say that. Well its work of Gonzo though the animation is not made by Range Murata and it’s not similar to what I saw from Gonzo before so when I read that, I was a bit surprised (I watched in poor quality maybe that’s also the case). But anyway anime has a good story line and  a lot of mystery – so I guess you can feel Gonzo studio work in that.

As kurokami had a German feeling on me this one has a french feeling. All that grace, names and elegance reminds me of old french movies.

Ah ya about animation. Its cute, and I don’t have anything bad to say about it. In the end main girls change appearances (get new bodies) so lets check it (also their all other ones)

-> That’s Eclair (her power is power.. she uses lipstick as a weapon)

-> That’s Lumiere. (love her second dress) (her power is net hacking – she can do that with her mind and uses bare hands also has some power involving vine) She looks sure like a kid doesn’t she? that sometimes gets her in some trouble, because she actually is adult:

also some more members that should be honored: ^auditor, chief, secretor

Some love story.. not so much to tell here. there is definitely something going on with the auditor but i didn’t get the real picture. I suspect that Lumiere is the one, but I’m not sure and they don’t show. And also in the end there appears a girl (totally similar to Lumi) that is beside him… so hard to understand. As in all anime. Somehow a lot of thing are left unrevealed.

All anime has a strong good line going. I mean Eclair always tries to stand on the right side – on people side (and Lumi as her partner always stands beside her), because there are a lot of others that want power and smaller ones have to obey. So its a fight for good for better future and equality and understandable purposes.





Trailer: [lyrics]

Eclair – God Is A Girl

op: “Mirai no Kioku (未來の記憶; Future’s Memory)” by Yuka [lyrics]

after changing appearance though the song is the same

English (love this one).

ed: “Future” by Little Viking




(cosplay found in google ————–>
looks good doesn’t she? i couldn’t resist not to put her in)
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