Hero Tales

Title: Hero Tales
Or: Jūshin Enbu
action, fantasy, comedy, adventure, martial arts
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Osamu Sekita;
Character Design: Hiromu Arakawa;
Studio: Flag;
Year: 2007-8; Fall;
Watched: 2010-11;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Huang Jin Zhou, il: Hiromu Arakawa (2006-10);

Main characters (prepare it won’t be short):

  • Taitou Shirei – the main hero guy;
  • Keirō – the bad ass guy;
  • Ryūkō Mouten – one of the super heroes, with the stick;
  • Hōsei Meitoku – also super hero, one with the bow;
  • Koyō Mougai – super hero, one with the sharp stick;
  • Shōkaku Chōyō – super hero, one with sharp ring things;
  • Rinmei Shokan – super hero (girl), one with the knife;
  • Laila Seiren – sister of main hero;
  • and so on.. way too many to write..

First a bit of story. There are some heroes in the world marked with special signs on their body and put under the faith of stars. They have a special ability’s and usually can control one weapon (I named it in the character list). So the main hero guy starts to travel to revenge the bad dude (I’m not so sure if it was from the beginning as I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this anime, but I think so). He travels with his sister and a friend (who I think is the cutest of them all, well there is not so much to choose from, somehow they all look similar) Ryuko —————>
On the way they meet other members of super heroes (actually called Five Divine Warriors). And so they become stronger. Specially the main hero guy, because (yes that’s right) he is the only one that can save people from that bloody bastard. and he uses the main heroes line “I will not forgive you!!!!!!!”… So they all start to glow as all real super heroes should (from the beginning of all super heroes – Super Saiyan). Lets just leave it with one girl’s words “Incredible, idiotic, but incredible” /Laila.

So they are almost ready to fight. But there has to be a friendship test – Ryuko goes into other side of barricade. (reason nr.1 – he wants to save his friends at that time so he sacrifices himself and stays while others escape, reason nr.2 – eventually he starts to believe in the good intentions of bad guy, he fools him by lying and saying that he wants to create an ideal empair, reason nr.3 – chan chan chan “Luuuke.. I mean Ryuuuko, IIII’mmmm yoooouuuur faaaatheeeer – yes the bad ass guy is his father … but son is not like father – eventually he realizes that bad guy is just a bad guy who wants to destroy everything). Also some “I’m your secret twin brother and I’m totally emperor” action – Taito is a big brother of real emperor of country (so they meet up at some point and afterwords understand the truth). He is just a puppet used by some other people to control country, but meeting big brave brother changes his mind and he swears to become better emperor and ruler. But in that way stands the bad guy who wants to become emperor himself and kill all. Everything ends up nicely – bad guy becomes too greedy and Taito wins with the help of this friends.

Now some details. Romance – not that much. Hosei and Laila – he is soooooo in love, she is not sooo much, but still shows affection towards him so he has a chance (funny thing about him was that every time they called him by name Hosei it sounded like horse…). Ryuko and Rinmei – well they definitely have a fire going on.  And that’s nice because she is totally cool. I like her signature – in very feminine place, shows up in sexy stile. ————>
Hero guy in this case was left without any girl.. witch is a bit strange. But he even doesn’t show a lot of interest in that while others have their relationships. And to distract any kind of twisted mind viewers  from  pairing him with his sister authors put annoying Hosei between them. But Taito doesn’t look like sad about it. He is more interested in fighting and doing good things. (Son Goku type – he got married, got kids and I’m not sure if he really noticed how..)

Talking about girls. In this anime they form the group in which all girls think that boys are stupid. While they are more interested in fighting and don’t pay any attention or do other stupid stuff, girls just get together, support and understand each other. they even get their own flag (actually its flag of Koyo ship I think but they use it for understandable reasons).

Now lets see what else there is interesting or worth to mention. The best weapon for me was the one that Shōkaku Chōyō had (he was on the bad guys side, but just truly wanted better for people, so in the end he saves others). Weapon was something similar to ring boomerangs (reminds Xsena just better), but i think they looked original and cool. The blade comes out and it looks something like round knife.

This anime reminded me all of this kind of adventure-action-martial-arts-history anime. Like Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist (the same author I think) even Dragon Ball, Ikkitousen. Hero guys saving the world and having a faith that is destined by something (like stars), having special powers that grow in time.. not too much originality.

But still it had its moments. Usually funny ones. (one that I remember and wasn’t funny was the death of Taito father – kinda realistic and not bad made.. but lets skip this). there was one scene I saw as really funny (not original but still)

^poor girl.. i don’t wonder  why she thinks boys are stupid.. they were doing something similar like in ballet, and wore towels… cool morning exercise – lets shock the girl to death..

one more scene: what is the best way to impress the crowd if your power show wasn’t impressing enough? no!! what a hell are you thinking – it is to imitate a monkey <-
wasn’t too funny but was just stupid enough…

I think that’s all I could say about this. It wasn’t something to remember too much HT_Exerciseand I believe that i will forget it (that’s why its interesting to have these notes ^.^). Its nice to see if you have spare time. It doesn’t require a lot of attention so its also good if you are doing something and want some light anime.



op1: “Winterlong” By Beat Crusaders (nice one) [lyrics]

op2: “Flashback” by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

ed1: “Kakegae no nai Hito e (かけがえのない人へ)” by Mai Hoshimura
ed2: “Komorebi no Uta” by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR



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