His And Her Circumstances

Title:  His And Her Circumstances
Or: Circumstances Of Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Or: Kare Kano
comedy, drama, romance
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki;
Original story: Masami Tsuda;
Character Design: Tadashi Hiramatsu;
Studio: Gainax, J.C.Staff;
Year: 1998-99;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: LIME Anime [LIME];
MAL: 9 (great);
Manga: Kare Kano, Masami Tsuda (1996-2005);

Main characters:

  • Yukino Miyazawa – the main red short hair girl;
  • Soichiro Arima – the main black hair guy;
  • Hideaki Asaba – the sub-main blond guy;
  • Tsubasa Shibahime – the sub-main blond long hair girl;
  • and so on…

This anime sucks you in with it’s first few episodes and doesn’t let go till you lose all sense of what is actually happening and understand that you are actually thrown off the track. At first it only focuses on main two characters Miyazawa and Arima, who meet, compete for a bit, fall in love and start to date. Story is simple, enjoyable and easy to catch so is really fun to watch. Also has extremely well made comedy and romance mix. All story is told from both sides – his and her, which gives a nice feeling of understanding the situation (and which you lose in the end, but lets keep the end for the end shall we ^.^)

Miyazawa or Yukinon – is a smart girl, that knows exactly what she wants and that is to be in a spot light, to be the best, to be acknowledged, to be on top. So she puts huge efforts to achieve that, but on the same time she puts a nice and model student mask so people would think she is perfect from nature. But naturally she is selfish and stubborn person, who just gets thrills from praising. Also all that show she puts on keeps her from having real friends or actually enjoying simple life things, but as if she cares. The only (at least she thinks that at the start) thing important in life is being the best. But after she meets Arima she understands that there are more things in life. But without any kind of emotional past, which would give her clues how to act, she finds herself lost in love-confession-dating game.  Its fun to watch how she tries to figure out simple riddles of just saying that she loves him, or that she cares for him..

On the other hand Arima is actually a real model student, he is smart and good looking (and I just love eng dub voice actor, who played Arima – Christopher Nicholas, his voice, was so deep and nice.. ahhh). He is on top because he actually deserves it, not only because he likes being there. Yet he is double minded guy also – he wears a mask, he hides not only form others but from himself as well. He tries to be perfect, because everybody (except his foster parents) though he only can be disgrace and bring shame to the family. So he put on the mask of perfect model person. But deep inside he is afraid of being the one everybody expects him to be. He is afraid of being cruel, dishonored person and that fear unconsciously makes him that way (well at least in the end.. at first, he actually is afraid even after he hugs her is just adorably cute). But yet he is obsessive and does not forgive anyone who tries to go near his happiness (and that is Miyazawa). She herself doesn’t notice that, more likely he doesn’t allow her to notice that. But his love become obsession that someday might imprison her.  And that is something I just couldn’t like about him. Ya its all because he loves her, but on the same time there is a line which shouldn’t be crossed, there is separate world that we live in and no body except us will ever be able to fully understand that world. When he starts to think that he wants “to own her” or to “keep her from everything else” (other example: “I don’t care about how you feel. I have absolutely no intentions of letting you go”) that might close the person up. And even if she can put everything else aside for him and never look back it still is unfair, it is not love, it is obsession.

^the best way to make a guy notice that you are interested in him that I ever saw

I coudn’t agree more

Well enough about that (I just have a really strong opinion on this issue.. No one should try to control, own or in any other way corrupt other person, his life and world. If you love person you try to be with that person and understand him, not to own him). Really enough already.. So they meet up, compete, fall in love and start to date. They rip off each other’s masks and try to look into real person behind it. Everything goes nice and smooth (not in cliché or boring way), but then there start to come other characters, like Tsubasa (picture below) with all her family issues (well that one was involved pretty nice and actually fit to the story, but also would be nice to get some more info about how it went later), Asuba ((picture above) he just drops in so no harm done also), Aya (the black long hair girl, whose glory was pushed away by Miyazawa, so you can guess how jealous she is, but this one is kinda important for development of character of Miyazawa so I forgive her also), all group of Tsubaki and of course Tonomi. At first it goes fine, but later it starts to take over the story and main line somehow disappears so somewhere in last 20 secs of last ep you ask “and thats all? what happened to Miyazawa and Arima?”.

^that dog is double cool                                      ^where does true wisdom come from?

So I came to the end of end.. And in the end I just can say that there is no end.. (probably will read manga for that), but after all I liked anime, I liked the way it was put and showed. I really liked animation – a lot of simple scenery was used (which somehow gives a feeling of Hideaki Anno and studio Gainax, which also worked on Neon Genesis Evangelion)(examples below). Also in second part of anime a lot of manga style pictures were used. I would compliment soundtrack as well, because it really fitted atmosphere specially around Arima and all that black aura he sometimes got, but specifically because it was limited and usually natural sounds like train passing, cars, people rushing and so on were used.

^you should have seen this coming when you saw name Hideaki Anno



AMV: Insomnia (really strong..)

op: “Tenshi no Yubikiri (Angel’s Pledge)” by Fukuda Mai [lyrics]

ed1: “Yume no Naka e” by Enomoto Atsuko and Suzuki Chihiro (uses different video in a lot of eps, but music is the same) [lyrics]

ed2: “Kaze Hiita Yoru” by Yuki Watanabe & Maria Yamamoto [lyrics]



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