Great Teacher Onizuka

Title: Great Teacher Onizuka
TV Drama
action, comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, school
Eps: 12+1 sp;
Directed by: Masayuki Suzuki;
Year: 1998;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng;

Manga: Tohru Fujisawa (1997-2002; 2009-…);
Live Action: GTO (1999);
Anime: GTO (1999-2000);

Main characters:

  • Eikichi Onizuka (Takashi Sorimachi);
  • Azusa Fuyutsuki (Nanako Matsushima)Love;
  • Hiroshi Uchiyamada (Akira Nakao) – vise-principal of the school;
  • Miyabi Aizawa (Aimi Nakamura) – student;
  • Tomoko Nomura (Miki Kuroda) – student;

(I don’t mention all the characters because its far too much Here you can see more of it)

What to start from .. Well first of all: yes I saw anime, No, I didn’t read manga (a shame for me, but maybe some ugly rainy day… Also recently I read that they started a new manga of GTO so I would say that the classics never die.. they just sometimes get killed by bad releases).

So I think it would be nice to compare anime and TV drama, because i probably won’t do that in anime description (if I ever have time to write one… uuhhff..)

First of all the main character Onizuka:

Lets start : wth happened with his hair? (and I peeped in manga there he’s also blond) so what gives? First I thought: “OK drama was before anime and I didn’t read manga so maybe it suppose to be like that, truth is probably its just that the actor (kinda cute actually^.^) didn’t agree to become blond.. and might be that wouldn’t suit him so I forgive … but just this ones.

Other thing that was a bit more strange  was Tomoko.. She’s totally different:


In drama its sweet little girl that is not so bright and is also a bit clumsy, but it doesn’t have huge chest and isn’t enormously big… they probably didn’t find big enough Japanese girl (that’s possible, they are pretty small).. anyway girl is sweet and I’m in forgiving mood so lets leave it this way..

Well if I started with different appearance there is also one:

OK.. I need to say anything? Let’s make it more obvious:

That’s more or less all that got my eye on. Also there is a difference in story line, because the main bad girl here (with the gang and stuff) is Miyabi not Anko. Nanaoko is a student of Onizuka’s class this time. Series are shorter and there’s no trip in the end.. special ep is about a different school (the principal is the same actor just a nun – that makes it a bit crazy sometimes) and about Onizukas and Fuyutsuki relationship in more detail. (Though I still didn’t like this ep so much, but in the end there’s like a link to the movie – a phone call that says Onizuka has to go to some village, so probably that’s true purpose of making it).

My impression of drama is kinda good. I wasn’t disappointed as I thought I will be. And I know that they missed a lot of good and interesting things from anime (well more to say from manga because manga was first and anime just after the TV drama) like smart blond student and so on.. but that makes it more interesting to watch because then its not just a live action copy of what you already saw, its new way of telling the great story of the great man.

On the other hand sometimes you still get the feeling that this is just shorten version. I believe that I wasn’t disappointed so much just because I saw GTO anime some years before and I don’t remember it so well so it was like a bit of reminder. But If I see anime again after seeing drama I think my opinion would go down.. But anyway.. This is a classic anyone shouldn’t miss. Its grate fun and really good comedy. If you still wondering to watch or not read this (author really opened some good points that i didn’t mention)

The main description of GTO story (of my mind) I will (try) to write in anime section when I will get to this anime. (Sorry for delaying)



Op.: “POISON” by Takashi Sorimachi



IMDB (Strange that picture is from anime, but description form drama)
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