Mezzo DSA

Title: Mezzo DSA
action, comedy, mystery, science fiction
Eps: 13;
Directed by: Yasuomi Umetsu;
Studio: ARMS;
Year: 2004;
Watched: 2009; re-watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Yasuomi Umetsu (2004);
Anime: Mezzo Forte (1998);

Main characters:

  • Mikura Suzuki – girl in orange;
  • Kenichi Kurokawa – leader of the group, old man, Pops;
  • Tomohisa Harada – guy with crazy hair;
  • Asami Igarashi – the girl;

just thought it would be good intro ^.^

This is more or less a sequence of old series Nezzo Forte, just throwing out all hentai parts (well studio Green Bunny was changed into studio ARMS), adding DSA (Danger Service Agency) instead of Forte, adding a kid, changing the look of Mikura (a shame actually, even her eyes changed color… I like the other one better), and a color of bug-car (lost the ability to fly also..)


(it has a link to the source.. best regards to the author ^.^)



but regardless of all the visual changes the inner changes were made also. The amount of action was left the same, but the fights became lower quality (well first two eps keep the track, but later it just looses the grip.. the same with all the hints into Mikura’s sexuality..). Its like:

From the fridge on the head it goes to the snow on the head…

(I wonder how long she had to wait while that snow mountain gathered..)

oh well.. all anime is based on short stories (and one going through all of them , but you don’t notice it until it just come up). Stories touches all sorts of incidents and things – there is a ghost, an alien, children bullying, assassins, viruses stealing, old friends going berserk, love androids, old love to the fake girl (wins the first place for my favorite ep in this anime – Harada fell in love with the girl, but eventually gets to know that she wasn’t real – she was android, and all of it was just an experiment), violence against children (i think it was the second my favorite ep, it was very well made, because all secret doesn’t show until the end – girl was punished by her parents and died..), the life in second dimension, mummy curse, computer (more the phone) virus killing people, corrupted policemen, older guy meeting younger girl in secret, cute boy assassin in love, killer barber.. and so on.. that basically is all the story in short.

now about some interesting things that i noticed. First about the Mikura herself. She is totally lied back person, that doesn’t cry over anybody (her friend, that somehow I think she had some feelings for, died – no emotions). her attitude is like ” you never know what will happen, so at least I wont be hungry”.  (the best outfit in all anime –>)

Lets have a moment for her:

^”See ya..”       I usually like girls in blue better^         the first time she is shocked^

second one would be Harada. He is in love with Mikura (that is seen from some eps..), though she is not interested in him (nor in anything besides kicking some ass). So he just lives as a helping cast member.. He is not as perverted as the old man, but has some inconvenient moments “I didn’t want to grab you, my hand just landed there..” – face slap.. And one more thing, I know that anime characters are forbidden to change clothes – how else we would recognize them (but in this case I think we definitely would recognize him…) , but for Gods sake let them at least zip up – he’s freezing there and can’t zip his jacket…

so as I already talk about all that trio lets not leave old Pops out. Kurokawa. Crazy old cop, that is perverted, but still has some moves:

hem hem.. I didn’t mean that kind of moves.. He actually saves Mikura’s butt in few situations (in the end specially). And is not that old geezer as you think..

hmm the girl – Asumi – is just a little girl that want to be like mis Mikura. She helps them to solve some mystery stories, and grows to be stronger in that way..

well there is still one character that i didn’t mention.

nah not him… (” he looks pissed..” /Kurokawa)

and not him damn you.. (thats a police chief, that bangs a young girl.. utiu tiu tiu that’s not appropriate to so respected police chief isn’t it?..)

ya ya this is the one… I mean the mystery cute assassin, that wants to kill Karakawa. He is hired by the police chief (Kurokawa knows chief’s little dirty secret..), but he falls in love with Mikura (when meets her for the first time and she tries to kill him – love is blind isn’t it?) and that doesn’t allow him to finish his job. So the barber-killer (he is the one in charge of the boy) tries to take out Miruka, but eventually the boy saves her life and… no idea what happens then.. he is just gone, and nobody notices it.. he was with Mikura a second ago, but then Asumi sees hurt Haruta and screams for help and then it’s just over.. He is gone and nobody  mentions him again. (I think somebody lost a track of story here… so much of development..)..

So I think that covers more or less everything I wanted to say..



op: “「スキマミマイタイ」 Suki Mami Mai Tai” by Barnabys

ed: “「蜜」 Mitsu” by Barnabys



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