Girls Bravo: First Season

Title: Girls Bravo: First Season
action, comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, ecchi, fanservice, harem, parallel universe
Eps: 11;
Directed by: Ei Aoki;
Character Design: Ryuichi Makino;
Studio: AIC;
Year: 2004;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 5 (average);
Manga: Mario Kaneda (2000-5);
Anime: Girls Bravo: Second Season (2005);
There is a game also..

Main characters:

  • Yukinari Sasaki – cute guy;
  • Miharu Sena Kanaka – pink hair alien girl;
  • Kirie Kojima –  a childhood friend;
  • Kazuharu Fukuyama – pervert;

Is it just me or this is so like DearS ?…. Naked alien girl appearing in a guys life, then some other alien girls appear, and also there is a totally in love childhood friend, that is too shy to show her emotions.. Also a pervert that goes after an alien girl…. ahh.. but as I don’t have a thing for fanservice this was.. how to call it.. I really don’t want to say “waste of time”, but its something like that (just imagine I said it in other words). And it even had a big lack of humor also. Probably thats why I have only the first season..

Story is like this. The main cute guy is really afraid of girls, because he was always bullied by them (he is short and looks like a girl<—). One day he meets up with strange girl (the one with pink hair) in his bath. And as she is very cute and stuff like that so he doesn’t have allergy towards her. He accidentally goes to her planet through his bath, and there  finds that they have a lack of men, but he comes back and she comes with him. Later some other girls comes also (^like the one with violet and yellow hair). So the “fun” starts.. They start to go to school together. She likes food very much and eats a lot..

well in regard to that^ (its just me or that banana just was given a blow job? I admire self control of the man)  and as she is attractive (and naked a lot..) she gets a lot of attention of the big pervert (who actually is more cute and has an allergy to men). Though he attacks Kirie more (the tall one in the first picture – childhood friend of the good boy):

On the other hand cute Yukinari boy is kicked a lot by Kirie (even if he is not a guilt of anything).. that rises a question does she really wants to be loved by him? she kicks his ass pretty bad a lot of times and she is like “ahh why does he like Miharu more?” hem hem daaa – she acts with him as a cute girl and doesn’t beat him up.. And some other interesting thing.. Blond boy always tries to get close to girls, but Yukinari actually gets all the best views… be sure to be above 18:


He is usually kicked by foot into the face by naked girls (so imagine what view he has in mind…) So all this anime is full of perverted things (even more than DearS was) and all sorts of hints into it.. Characters develop at some time but its still lies under a fat layer of ecchi, fanservice and pervertism.. and if you are not satisfied they even give you some girl on girl action:

probably the only thing i liked in this anime was clothing. I actually like school uniforms – both girls and boys. Also the dress of Miharu is cute.

Note that pervert boy wears white uniform (its because he is rich and so on..). I probably like the boys uniform because its a bit like an uniform from military or something (you know men in uniforms.. ^.^ rraur ) I think that’s all I can say.. not planning to see the second season, so its a bit unfinished (story also, because no conclusion is reached, like second part should come without a break)..




op: “Going My Way” by Yozuca [lyrics]

ed: “Koko ni Irukara…” by Miyuki Hashimoto [lyrics]



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