Title: RahXephon
action, drama, mystery, psychological, romance, science fiction, mecha, military, super robot
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Yutaka Izubuchi;
Character design: Akihiro Yamada;
Studio: Bones;
Year: 2002;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);
Star-4 Star-5 Star-5 Star-7
Manga: Takeaki Momose (2001-2);
OVA: Her and Herself (彼女と彼女自身と) / Thatness and Thereness;
Tomoki Kyoda

Main characters:

  • Ayato Kamina – main guy;
  • Haruka Shitow – the girl of main guy;
  • Reika Mishima – spirit girl;
  • Quon Kisaragi – strange girl;
  • And so on..

this anime is one of those strange, lyrical though tough anime. It is one of those anime you have to figure out more yourself than it is explained (though in ep4 it is explained not so bad at opening). While I saw all of this anime I got lost and found some little doors out a lot of times. The start of anime is really good, then sometimes it gets a bit too mixed up to understand and the end explains most of story but still its like something is not said.

ok so from where to start the story… there are so many different lines that make the basic one.

line no.1 – Tokyo is separated form the rest of the world and is covered with some sort of time shield. It is called Tokyo Jupider. The city itself is ruled by different kind of people who has blue blood and rule some sort of machines – mecha;

line no.2 – the main guy is able to control a huge robot. Well its more like a living creature not a robot. So as he is the only one that can control that lets say “thing” he has to fight other “things” that come from Tokyo Jupider into outside world. Originally he lived in Tokyo Jupider and had a normal kids life. But there was an attack and so he met a girl (Mishima) that led him into some sort of strange place where he found the Rahxephon—>. (it took me I think 2 eps to understand what the hell that Rahxephon is and that is the name of anime). The singing of the girl woke up the “thing” and Kamina fought against some other “thing”. Well basically the main thing that they fight with is like singing – its more like aria or something like that.Well Rahxephon uses brutal force also. later there is showen that all those things are controlled, well better to say linked with that other kind of people. Kamina himself is called instrumentalist – the one that conducts the Rahxephon. (though he is a painter more).. In one ep he calls the controlling of the Rahxephon “I drive a pizza truck” – ya the one that kicks some ass(^.^)

line no.3 – there is a girl named Quon that has the same abilities as Kamina, at least suppose to have, and is linked to him in some sort of way. They are both the same kind. but she is not awaken and so doesn’t have a Rahxephon of herself, but in the end obtain one. She is a “sister” of a doctor in Tera (military organization that Kamina has to work for) and plays piano, violin and sings. She is the one that suppose to destroy earth ( i guess…). In the end she fights with Kamina (well her Rahxephon fights his, they don’t even fight as in usual mecha, but there is a fight), but as Kamina finds himself (sounds familiar) she ends up just happy for him.

line no.4 – the love story between Kamina and Haruka. Well there are a lot of other girls that are interested in him (one of them is sister of Haruka, but as she is rejected so many times I just feel sorry for her). The love story between those on the other hand has a strong influence on the main line. because the spiritual girl Mishima he sees is actually a visualization of Rahxephon in the form of his beloved one – Haruka, he remembers her from school. but you don’t know it until last ep.. she is the one he draws all the time.But as he is separated from her and was put in that time shield he is younger than her, because there time goes slower, so while he was there and didn’t age she did.

line no.5 – the story of Kamina’s family. His mother that he thought was his mother actually wasn’t. She just grew him up, though that part is a bit mysterious also. But she is an aunt of Haruka, and she also is a queen (or something high) of those other people. When Kamina has to fight he is lost, because he has to meet his “mother” in some times, and all that life he lived before and all that life he remembers is actually not real.

line no.6 – the story about doctor, white snake and a blond girl. There is an ep dedicated specially to tell the story about their childhood. And they have a big part in all this story. The white snake (its a nickname) is a stupid guy that wants to destroy Tokyo Jupider. The blond girl is also a bad one. She is an incarnation of the one that created all this system. As children they were raised very strictly, and white snake wasn’t that bad from the beginning, but all that behavior with him made him this way. Doctor was a couple with Haruka some time ago, and Kamina in the last ep is the same looking as him.

well I guess that covers most of everything. Just connect them right.

now lets talk (write to be precise)  about some noticed things. This anime contains some not so reviled but quite nice sense of humor. Like a little kitten, that actually doesn’t have non of really important role, but still is a bit refreshing and cheering up the mood (because all mood of anime is a bit mm melancholic maybe, don’t really know how to describe).

^bha ha ha ha be afraid – i am a cat in suitcase  ^hey and what do you have there?

^ big boys – big toys                                                       ^ flying cat

and one more scene that was just… priceless. remember I told there was a blond girl, so one day she decided to destroy one “demon” that her friend kept by using some magic. So as a smart girl she found a book of spells, found a suitable spell and tried to find ingredients. But as you can expect the ingredients were also “magical” so as a smart girl she had to improvise. Lets see that:

ingredient no.1: A dragon’s tail.
she is holding a tail of a lizard. and the rest of the lizard is flying away (it is marked in the picture).

ingredient no.2: dewdrops from a spider’s web.

ingredients no.3: unicorn poop. (ahh come on…)

I wonder how long did she have to wait..

ingredient no.4: a newt’s eye.

and then:

…its done. Your spell is ready to be served. Enjoy!!!

I believe that’s all. So lets leave it here. Just the lats phrase (I think I heard it somewhere before): “Does it really matter if you are the one dreaming of the butterfly, or the butterfly dreams of you ?” /Haruka



Ayato: Remember me?

op: “「ヘミソフィア」 Hemisphere” by Maaya Sakamoto

ed: “「夢の卵」 Yume no Tamago (Fledgling Dream)” by Ichiko Hashimoto and Mayumi Hashimoto

ed2: “Before You Know” by Ichiko Hashimoto


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