Title: Steamboy
adventure, drama, science fiction, historical, military, steampunk
Directed by: Katsuhiro Otomo;
Written by: Sadayuki Murai, Katsuhiro Otomo;
Studio: Sunrise, Bandai Visual, Studio 4°C;
Year: 2004;
Watched: 2011;
Subbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);


Main characters:

  • James Ray Steam – the boy;
  • Scarlett O’Hara St. Jones – the blond girl;
  • Lloyd Steam – Ray’s grandfather;
  • Edward Steam – Ray’s father;

You know those films that suck you in from first moments and don’t let go till the end? so this is one of them. Its all about adventures of brave boy and his fight for justice.

^well thats Scarlett.. you wonder how she got there?

^she simply came through the field of dead men – a field of war. simply as that. Now that’s a beauty of stupidity..

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First the story – well its about a boy named Ray, who likes to invent things and to build stuff that (not) works. The same as his father and grandfather.
So as he lives (not) peacefully with his mother, his father and grandfather works on some serious and secret project somewhere (don’t remember exactly). One day Rey gets a package with a steam ball from his grandpa, but at the same time strange people:
come and ask to give that ball to them (^ now doesn’t he remind you of someone? I keep on thinking, but can’t remember. But anyway he looks like typical sneaky bad guy, I guess you can find at least few of these). So here all the fun starts. Ray goes to London, meets his father (friendly looking fellow don’t you think? hey dude – get a haircut):

a noisy and cocky blond Scarlett (who eventually is not that bad, just a bit annoying and naive, you met her before):

finds out what that steam ball is for, sees his father’s and grandpa’s great work – Steam Tower (that black thing, that tries to fly):

and visits Great London’s Exhibition:

Eventually gets some valuable life lessons:

and saves (with some damage, but well its better than nothing) the world (England, London in particular):

And all that is wrapped up in really nice screen work, animation, detailed scenery, Akira-style drawing (well the director is the same), well done action scenes, valuable moral, some crazy-ass inventions (and some of them actually were made) and their explosions. What do you expect – it is done to be a great movie.

One thing that somehow feels every time I watch it is that its made specially for cinema and should be watched on huge screen (maybe in 3D) sitting in comfy chairs, with surrounding, everything covering sound and without interruptions. I bet it would give a whole more impression. Those sceneries, those machines, all that action – everything there is meant to be put and watched on a big screen.

Well in any case this movie is great entertainment on some Saturday evening ^.^ You will definitely feel inspired after it, like lets all make crazy door-knockers – its fun:

One last thing – the credits. usually when film ends we don’t watch credits (sometimes for that they put funny moments into them or something like that – to attract attention..) this time they tell a sequel of the story. Something that happens in a future after the film:

^and so the blond grew up into a flying red-head. good for her ^.^




ed: “Ray’s Theme” by Steve Jablonsky



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