Canvas 2: Nijiiro no Sketch

Title: Canvas 2: Nijiiro no Sketch
Eng: Canvas 2: Rainbow Colored Sketch
comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, art, incest
Eps: 24;
Directed by: Itsuro Kawasaki;
Character design: Naoto Tenhiro;
Studio: ZEXCS;
Year: 2005-6;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Based on game;
Manga: Miki Kodama (2005-6);
Anime: Canvas: Motif of Sepia (2001);

Main characters:

  • Hiroki Kamikura – the main and almost only guy in the world;
  • Kiri Kikyo – his childhood friend;
  • Elis Hosen – his “sister” actually cousin;
  • and a bunch of other girls as in all anime based on dating simulation game…

you probably remember that I officially said that I like romantic anime. Yes I like all that nice little details that make people become closer and start relationship, but as for this anime…. it sucks in my opinion… (sorry) but as I saw it I’m here to write about it like it or not..

The story is about our guy (lucky bastard —>) and a bunch of girls that are after him (as it suppose to be in dating simulation games). Two main here are his “sister” and a childhood friend (what else do you need? a beautiful principal of school? we have one. Little girl that actually is senior and a writer? we have one also. beautiful singing student? we can find one. You need a dying friend? I think we have one in stock. Or maybe you need a super fast motorcycle driver club president? I think we can manage one..). So everything just goes around him, his “sister” and Kiri. They both are in love with him and he has no mind of his own. (other girls are more or less connected or just involved in story not necessarily in love with him). Kiri confessed to him twice and first time (then they were still in school) she was rejected. Second time it was more like ok lets spend some time together. She also knows that Elis is in love with the guy (when I started watching it was like ok sister-brother again? I had enough of those oniichan things in sister princess… plz not again). Elis lost her parents in an accident  and since then in drawings couldn’t use red color. (ya both of them draw – Elis and Hiroki, Kiri is physical education teacher). Hiroki him self stopped drawing (no idea why, I thought that its because his friend stole his composition and so he just stopped drawing, but it wasn’t the case..).

Ok that was a long text and not so much of telling (^.^). So basically all that love triangle goes in all anime. Hiroki shows more affection towards Kiri, and Elis shows a lot of jealousy like a spoiled kid. eventually she just gives up and tries to forget about all those feelings so that Kiri and Hiroki would be happy (and she decides to go to France). Kiri on the other hand is better. She stands on her side and tries to be nice to Elis and Hiroki. She is more mature and acts that way. She was rejected (without any good reason “I rejected her because I thought that she can find better than me” yaaa sure… she chose you so she thinks you are good enough and to be good enough for person you care about is best in all world, so he just didn’t care enough and couldn’t confess that) and got out of it. she even could be nice to him after that.. she is strong, way stronger that Elis or most of girls.. Only thing that comfort me is that probably in game Hiroki can end up with Kiri (because in anime I think he ends up with Elis, though its like strange…).

well lets leave all that love romantic bulls*it alone. But actually besides that there is not so much to tell about.. Authors tried to enroll some practical jokes in anime to make it not so .. emm.. boring I suppose. One of those (lame) jokes is Hiroki’s interest in breasts :

Also they put some girls to look at (I believe that what is called fanservice):

And probably only thing I liked in all this anime. The game that they played to bring up the stories. Its not new game, I heard about it before, but still was funny. Every person has to think of a word (the description is given – like a place or a person or something like that etc.) and they make up a sentence in the end. lets see the progress:

guess who spends too much time in hospital.. lets have second shot:

now the last time:

I think its totally taken from the PC game it is based on but still is nice for spending time with some people and can be used in real life.

The most (beside Kiri) in all anime I liked Tomoko (light blue hair girl). She was a friend of Elis and was a quiet and true person. She is straight and says all she thinks. (she has health problems and spends a lot of time in hospital – that you could have guessed from the hint above, and I suspect she dies in the end..). The most I like of her is her dressing style (well usually that’s just an uniform, but when its not i mean).

love that swimsuit…

^that’s her pajama

And also she said one cool expression  after one fast sports car went near in big speed “People who drive that way usually are the quiet type”.. so true.. Either they are just punks either they are the quiet people we never notice and put their true emotions into driving.. feeling free as wind and flying fast as bird. (you know that the fastest animal on planet is some sort of eagle? *nod* *nod* total true..) ok enough of learning stupid things.. lets go to see some more better anime.




AMV to Elis

op: “Plastic Smile (Niji-iro guitar version)” by Honey Bee[YURIA] [lyrics]

ed: “NA NA IRO” by Sweets Tankentai



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P.S.. ya everybody says its good, emotional and so on, but for me (and being romantic sucker don’t forget) it didn’t give that point. Its about a spoiled brat that is in love with somebody that I don’t approve (they are relatives for crying out loud) and destroying life for somebody as honest as Kiri.. no. just no.


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