Shadow Skill

Title: Shadow Skill
action, adventure, fantasy, martial arts
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Tsukasa Sunaga;
Studio: Studio Deen;
Year: 1998;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
Manga: Megumu Okada (1992-…);
OVA: (1995);
OVA: Shadow Skill 2, Hiroshi Negishi (ep 1), Yasuhiro Kuroda (ep 2–4) (1995-96);
Manga: Megumu Okada (2000);
OVA: Shadow Skill 3 (2004);

Main characters:

  • Elle Ragu – strong orange haired woman;
  • Gau Ban – the boy, not real brother of Elle;
  • Fia Arcana – magic girl;
  • Kyuo Lyu – red hair girl hunter;

Even how much I appreciate the strength of Elle and her ability to be not less than any man warrior and even way better, and her actually true heart – she raises Gau as her brother (and later probably even falls in love with him), she feels sorry and regrets that she became savaar instead of her older brother. And I admire the fact she still grows her hair and lets her stepbrother to brush them.. but I still must confess its not exactly my type of anime..

Most of anime you can feel that Elle is not actually the main main , because everything goes to the fact that Gau will outcome her and become stronger. She trains him, teaches him along with some other warriors.. Gou on the way also has to go over his fear, life and death.. And he does, but in the end though he gets a lot stronger, they dont fight so there is still unknown which is stronger..

Though this anime looks like fighting and nothing more (well you feel it till your bones so..), but it actually touches some really meaningful and deep things. Like the relationships between siblings, sacrifices people make for each other, fear of death.. And in the end I actually liked the idea of revealing the true beast in a person when he fights, because basically its true – we follow our instincts and the best fighter is the one who goes over our border as humans. To find a true fighter in your heart you have to find a beast there..

Also this anime has some nice funny moments and fillers, specially because of not feminine and drinking a lot Elle. Some love lines are going on here also (ok and they show total missing of romance, when Kyou even doesn’t understand love letters and Elle thinks that this is some sort of thread). And what is going on with that outfit..? —->

So probably that is all I can tell.. Though its not really my style, but I still like some things of this anime and I could say that its not so typical. Its even more original at some points starting drawing style and finishing story line. (I know I didin’t tell a lot about the plot, but what to tell so much – Elle along with some friends who she meets up goes through world saving some people and kicking some ass.. Gau on that time tries to find himself and learn from her kicking some ass also..)



op: “Born Legend” by Kasumi [lyrics]

ed1: “Last Quarter” by Princess Purin [lyrics]
ed2: “For My Pride” by Spirit Level [lyrics]



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