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Kaleido Star

My wings are my dream and I’m here to reach the sky /Sora Continue reading

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.hack//Legend Of The Twilight

“Hey, you didn’t read the manual” – Rena.
Who does that anyway? – me; Continue reading

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Aired in 2003

Anime aired in 2003 Continue reading

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Battle Programmer Shirase

“No way.. to think that the partner for this important business arrangement has such abnormal inclinations as these. I can’t believe he’s doing it with a child! I would prefer a large breasted woman, like foreign actress Isabelle Adjani, but there’s nobody but this man with the necessary skills! I have no choice but to set aside public morals and overlook what I have seen! These are Supralegal Measures. For the sake of my company, I must overlook the life of an unfortunate girl! This is terrible, terrible! What a terrible salaryman I am! My parents in my hometown, my departed wife, and my only son living at my wife’s parents’ home…Laugh if you must at the choice Akidzuki Kaoru’s soul must make! (trows big smile) … I’ll forget I ever saw it!” /Akidzukis Continue reading

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