Project ARMS.The 2nd Chapter

Title: Project ARMS: The 2nd Chapter
action, adventure, comedy
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Hajime Kamegaki,
Hirotoshi Takaya;
Studio: TMS;
Year: 2001-2;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);
Manga: Kyoichi Nanatsuki,
il: Ryoji Minagawa (1997-2002);
Anime: Project ARMS (2001);

  • Ryo Takatsuki – the main guy, brown a bit longer hair, the strongest – Jabberwock;
  • Hayato Shingu – gray hair guy, with a big sword thing – White Knight;
  • Takeshi Tomoe – short black hair, fastest – White Rabbit;
  • Kei Kuruma – the girl, has extraordinary vision – Queen of Hearts;
  • Katsumi Akagi – the lover, as far is just human;

And rest of the gang.. like too much swearing brainiak kid, blondy, the cop, a lot of army people, not so dead Ryo’s father – the traveling business man, all crazy Keith series and so on… and also the girl we met before – Alice. Really big bunch of people.

The story goes on. Ryo is trying to save his beloved one (ya she is alive. Yay..). And to destroy some bad ass people and not-people in the way. Not much changed, just some more enemies came along. In last chapter they fought against some strange Egregori and now that Egregori takes a face – a face of Keiths. There are 7 of the in origin, but some are not as bad ass. (like the Violet and Blue – yes they are named by the colors.. strange, but well ok.) they all also posses ARMS and has their own abilities.And as it suppose to be in all these kind of anime they tray to destroy original ARMS (the fellows we already know).

Everything starts as they go to USA to find the headquarters of Egrigori and yessss Katsumi. So they meet up with a bunch of too adult kids (the ones like the kid they are actually friend of, they are smart and has no experience of real emotions —> in the scene the kid orders that guy to hug him as his real son). The only girl in ARMS group becomes a leader (because of the ability to see forward). At first she totally sucks at it (well she has a big pressure and also she is is a bit putting her head high), but with a little help of not-so-dead Ryo’s father she becomes better. Also there was scene of strange thing – Azazel – the origin of ARMS i think..

But one of the Keiths (I think the Green one) kill of the kids. So to revenge (even more now..) group moves to Egrigori.. And every time something goes wrong Ryo becomes even stronger Jaba dude.. But Ryo tries to fight him back and to stay human – because Jaba main point is to destroy the world.

Main idea is that the girl – Alice was a scientist (and a daughter of two other scientists, btw they both are men, and no mother so how the hell was she born…?)  but she was very smart and lived in lab all her life. She always dreamed of blue sky and sea – so created blue roses.. and she was working on real Azazel – some strange material that had its own mind. She was teaching that thing to feel. Feel emotions. And in the end girl was killed so Azazel learned about the bad side of people and different ARMS was created, with different purposes. Like the Jaba dude was there to destroy all mankind, white rabbit and white knight were there to stop him and destroy Jaba, queen of hearts was there to choose if the humanity is worth to live. Keiths on the other hand are there to provoke Java to destroy the world as it is.. (somebody wants to rule after that – ya there is always somebody behind).

Also all characters are taken from some legends, and the tale of Alice in wonderland (white rabbit, queen of hearts, Alice herself…). Keits are given the color names, and also a code name of their pover – also from Alice in wonderland or else where. (they even mention that in anime)

So after kids are dead, Jaba gone crazy and back, both withes gone nuts about Jaba, queen awakened, Alice showing other face of her (the bad one – the one that made Jaba and hates all and everything), they reveal true about Katsumi herself – she was intentionally made to be one of the ARMS, but she wasn’t implanted so was made to get know Ryo and become the main attraction point for him. So if something would happen to her it would activate Jaba. so you can guess what happens later. ya they fight become stronger, Alice makes up her mind and becomes good, Hugo sacrifices herself, Ryo gets a hold of Jaba, and they win…

Everything ends up pretty good (though there is an epilogue that i think is only in manga), only blondy dies – Hugo. She was in love with Ryo, but was much better mach for Takeshi (in my opinion). Other love story going on between Kei and Hayato – they argue all the time, he is not taking easy on her in any time, but they have some chemistry going on (they fit ^.^) . Lets have a moment here:

^H: “hey! hands off the goods, lady.” ^”blush” /Haruka (SP)   ^K:”Love ya”

now lets have some swearing (or some phrases) that i got my attention on in this chapter:

  • “I don’t need a lecture from an anger management poster boy” /Kei;
  • “Al has a verbal dayaria. Everytime he talks is to piss somebody off” /Hayato;
  • “ah look what a cat just puked up. Killed any other teams while you were gone?” /Hayato;
  • “I don’t fu*king believe it! Little shit was working for Egrefori this all time” /the cop;
  • “Jeez, boxes and bunnies.. I want sex and violence not a fu*cking tea party..” /Hayato;
  • “I don’t need a flattering from an over grown ape” /Al;
  • “You’re never get tired of being such a pain in an ass”/ Hayato;
  • “What kind of messed up crack have you been smoking?” /Hayato;
  • “Complement my ass. Don’t make me hurt you”/ Hayato;
  • “Sorry to bused your tea party, but I scheduled your ass kicking for this afternoon” /Violet;
  • “Piss off” / Hayato – “Loved to, but I can’t” /Violet;
  • “I’m busing in places no man ever bussed before” /Hayato;
  • “I rather not fight you at all Violet. You have nice tits and a seance of humor,  not to mention you’re such a snappy dresser.” /Hayato;
  • “Now you’ll about to get your perfect ass kicked” /Hayato;

One more thing I noticed. The drawing of this chapter got worse.

^Ryo..                      ^Hugo… from sweet blondy she became something…

well I guess that’s all can say..


op: “Time Waits for No One” by WAG [lyrics]

ed1: “Timeless Sleep” by Garnet Crow [lyrics]

ed2: “終わらない夢の中で (Owaranai Yume no Nakade)” by PROJECT ARMS [lyrics]


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