Kurokami. The Animation

Title: Kurokami. The Animation
Eng: Black God
action, fantasy, drama, superhuman, superpower
Eps: 23;
Directed by: Tsuneo Kobayashi;
Written: Reiko Yoshida;
Character Design: Hiroyuki Nishimura;
Studio: Sunrise;
Year: 2009; (and);
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);
Manga: Dall-Young Lim,
il: Sung-Woo Park (2005-…);

Main characters:

  • Keita Ibuki – main boy;
  • Kuro – princess;
  • Akane Sano – lover;

(I suspect that this picture is from manga so sorry, but it just was so good I couldn’t not put it..)

Ok now lets move to a little story. The main idea here is that all people have two more people looking the same as they. It’s called Doppoliner system. And they all share the same amount of luck (Tera), so if one has more luck (master root) others have less (subs). And if they meet up by accident the sub dies and the master root takes that sub’s Tera. hmm I tried to explain it as good as I could, don’t know how much understandable it is.

So Keita meets up with Kuro, who is mototsumitama, that suppose to keep the balance between the number of subs and master roots. As Keita’s mother is dead because she met her other me (actually she was master root but the sub didn’t want to die so she killed Keita’s mother on purpose) Keita believes that everybody, who he gets into contact with, dies. But he still tries to help Kuro and gets hurt, Kuro tries to save him and makes him her contractor (or similar) and gives him her heart. So from that on they fight together. They perform Synchro (some sort of transformation into better power or something like that). The best part of it i think is that they don’t get any stupid transformation outfit which  usually is so popular in anime.

^synchro in process                                                         ^after

So you can see. No stupid outfits, just a sign on hand (later on both hands – you know bigger power…). And that synchro enables Kuro fight better and stick with the exceed something – that is some sort of power that every mototsumitama (wth with the names of stuff in this anime? they get longer every time) has different.

Now the lover part. Akane-san is the childhood friend of Keita and took care of him after his mother died. She surly is in love with him but he doesn’t show any affection towards her. Somehow I hoped that he and Kuro will become a thing but eventually nothing happened and he got together with Akane.

What I liked most in this anime were the fights. From the start they left good impression on me. Later its not that good. Somehow it got boring after few eps. (might be because I was watching way too much anime at that time so all of it mixed up and just got similar to each other.. my bet..) But still the originality of this anime exists and its popular not because of the nudity or something like that. It has a high ranking so it might be better than it looks.

From animation this anime had a strong German feeling on me. Well the girl Excel and her partner Stainer were from Germany and later there were a bunch of other fighters who looked the same as Stainer (somewhere later then middle)… And all that long names of all the things like mototsumitama, Doppoliner and so on reminded German expressions.  Just look at them:

All anime could be divided into two pieces somewhere in the middle. Explosion happens and later there appears some island and all action goes into it. Also Kuro changes outfit. The opening changes. So feels like second season.

^first outfit                                                                                        ^second outfit

Well all story is not that bad. The bad guy is actually not really bad (he just tries to save his little sister). Real bad guys are the Gods. There I just lost the line I think, because Kuro was involved with them somehow. But for that you will have to see the anime (i’m a bad ass aren’t I? not explaining anything here actually just trowing stuff I remember)






op1: “Sympathizer” by Minami Kuribayashi [lyrics]

op2: “tRANCE” by GRANRODEO (good song) [lyrics]

ed1: “Irodori no Nai Sekai (彩の無い世界)” by Yousei Teikoku [lyrics]
ed2: “Gekkou no Chigiri (月光の契り)” by Yousei Teikoku [lyrics]



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