Spirited Away

Title: Spirited Away
Or: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
adventure, drama, fantasy, supernatural, magic, spirits, surrealism
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Written by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Studio: Studio Ghibli;
Year: 2001;
Watched: no idea;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Vision-Anime [V-A];
MAL: 9 (great);

Main characters:

  • Chihiro Ogino – the main girl;
  • Haku – the main guy, mysterious and occasionally turns into dragon, can use magic, in short cool guy;

One of the most famous films from all Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki worldwide. Was warmly accepted by critics and viewers everywhere because of its original and heart warming story, stunning and original characters and amazing animation. It was the first non English language movie to win the Oscar. It’ a magnificent fantasy mixed with (un)deniable reality. It’s an adventure that will catch you from the first scene to the last frame.. sounds like promoting add, doesn’t it?

probably first the plot.. hmm the plot the plot.. its about a girl, who by accident gets mixed up in a huge spirits’ bath house business, where she meets strange and (some) nice creatures. Ya not people, but creatures. But basically if you want plot – SEE THE FREAKIN’ MOVIE..

I can’t argue with the fact that its really nice adventure and fantasy movie from a great director, but personally i think its a bit overrated. Dam da da da damm *dramatic music* “Thats a bit shocking statement there, dear missy. Would you care to explain?” well I actually I was just going to… “You know that you just insulted most of the critics around the world? hmm” *atmosphere heats up* … no, no I didn’t mean to, I just.. “You just what? Do you know who is the director of this? you little missy-know-it-all dare to confront his masterpiece?” No, no! just listen, I will explain everything! “This better be good!” uhhh… people and their “unified” opinions.. when I was surfing the internet for info I felt like nobody ever dared to say anything against this movie, or criticize it.. “Maybe there is just nothing bad to say? didn’t you think of that?” Stop interrupting me!!! Its not like I was looking for it, but it was strange to read one post after another glorying it like everybody in the world liked it. I felt like I don’t have any right to complain about it, like I just have to like it.. and thats not how it works for me.. so let me say something.

Somehow I always had that nice idyll family portrait that these films provide, but this time we see a typical our day family, where parents are more adventurous than a kid (and just look at that dad..), don’t pay much attention to him (her in this case) and eventually are transformed to pigs because of their greed… or something like that, I didn’t quite follow the idea why they were made that way..

that leads me to the main moral that this story tries to teach us. I don’t say that every story has to do that, if we look at it just as nice adventure and fantasy its great, it has it all, but on the other hand it tries to put value inside us – and I think its “don’t be greedy” one. First parents, then No-Face accident, then Yubaba with just her existence.. Also I think it tells us that we have to be brave even when we face something totally unexpected and strange and WORK our way out. But somehow I feel like it was said in such a brutal and forceful way, it didn’t touch my soul as some other previous works did.. (though I love this scene where Chihiro touches the hand of Haku..)

But don’t misunderstand me – I still love this movie, it is really fun to watch and animation is awesome, except crying scenes – hang me but I will not approve those tears…*the Voice of Internet brings the rope* wait wait thats just an expression! *sight*

Edit (2014-09-27): { recently I re-watched this awesome movie and noticed one thing – everything seems to be exciting and fun up until the point where Chihiro goes to the good sister of Yubaba. Everything just evolved too fast from there – I know its quite long film as it is, but somehow everything is rushed and all solutions come at once and too fast. Though we expect a good ending and that everything will be solved, but yet somehow its a bit too sweet and too rushed. }

Drawing.. well its great, I will not argue there, but i missed something Ghibli in it.. but Haku in dragon form is just… uhh nice!

^ voice actors of Haku                             ^eng: Jason Marsden                 ^jp: Miyu Irino

I guess I’m done with complaints so lest observe the creatures, because they were the most exiting:

^these are something like in Totoro but still great

^thats a nice root                                  ^who said 3 heads are better than one?

Never the less this is the movie to see and enjoy with every minor detail. Its about finding courage and being not greedy for shiny things – not everything that shines is gold.






ed: “Itsumo Nando demo (いつも何度でも; Always with Me)” by Yumi Kimura



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