Please Save My Earth

Title: Please Save My Earth
Or: Boku no Chikyū o Mamotte
drama, romance, science fiction, reincarnation, space

Eps: 6;
Directed by: Kazuo Yamazaki;
Studio: Production I.G;
Year: 1993-94;
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);

Manga: Saki Hiwatari (198794);
OVA: Music Image Video ~ The Passing of the Golden Age (1995);
Movie: Please Save My Earth Movie: From Alice to Rin-kun (1995);

Main characters:

  • Alice Sakaguchi – Mokuren – main girl;
  • Rin Kobayashi – Shion – the boy;
  • Daisuke Dobashi – Hiiragi;
  • Haruhiko Kazama – Shukaido;
  • Sakura Kokushou – Shusuran;
  • Issei Nishikiyori – Enju;
  • Jinpachi Ogura – Gyokuran;

^Source Wikipedia

This is a bit tricky. Well its a story about 7 different scientists (pic below) and their reincarnations in Earth (pic ->). They lived on Moon and were exploring Earth, but died because of some illness and so reincarnated into people on Earth. They start to dream (I have in mind the dreams we see at night when we sleep) their previous life as scientists and eventually meet up. The intrigue here mostly goes between Alice-Rin-Haruhiko-Jimpache. Rin is a kid (well because he died later than all of them), but he says that he is Shikaido, when actually he is Shion. And he tries to hunt down the real Shukaido (Haruhiko), because he wants to revenge him for not healing Mokuren (Alice) and healing him so that he had to spend 9 years alone. On anime Shion (and Rin in that matter) is really in love with Mokuren (Alice), though that doesn’t appear that way in manga as far as I read about it. Also the fight between Shion and Gyokuran is kinda strong there – because Shion tries to win Mokuren over just to be better than him, though that doesn’t appear so strong in anime. Though Jimpache is in love with Alice…

well now did you understand everything? good ^.^ its actually really complicated during all anime, because a lot of different people appear and sometimes it is totally confusing because of all that moon stuff. Anime is more concerned about Earth though in the first place. All the fight and plans of Rin (he is a sneaky little brat) are a bit strange, because he wants to destroy the moon base also he kinda badly hurts Haruhiko and his close ones. Well here comes one of my favorites in this anime (he is not connected to the Moon thing as far as anime goes) – Mikuro – a psychic with kinda strong powers (and strong personality, presence and all that is needed… ahh some of these kinds could land on Earth for real you know..) Lets have a moment for Mikuro here:

enough… well eventually ova ends in a not-end way, because not everything is revealed, though they make up peace between each other I suppose, and Alice eventually gets a mark of godess on her head. well last episode is dedicated to Shion (and Rin in that matter), his past and all that happened to him, but his plans and reasons for wish to destroy moon base are not revealed, which leaves a big “?”, but anyway anime is fun, has action in it, love (a bit too.. hmmm..  yaoi at some points… note that one of the girls in moon reincarnates as boy on Earth.. and whats up with all that relationship between Haruhiko and Mr. Tamura?), some mystery, fantasy, original story and kinda nice old fashioned drawing.


AMV (though has moments from elsewhere)

And one more, because I like the song:

They deleted my calm video so I found other one

Memory of Time

ed: “Toki no Kioku” by Seika



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