“Hello world”

I named this page “Hello world” because it is a first one and as in all programing the first program usually is “Hello world” one.. so lets begin this journey.

I’m sorry for all the mess that I’m going to do here but I’m trying to learn how to use blogs and to write about something that i like.. I’m also very sorry for all the mistakes that I’ll make. (English is not my native language, but I tray to do my best.. editor will do the same ^.^)

My Anime List account name is Visocki and be free to check it..

Note 1. first of all I would like to say that pictures which I use don’t belong to me and I didn’t create them (if I did trust me I will tell about it). I take them from internet (Google.com rules) or take a screen-shot of the video I watch. I give most of the sources that i use in links area in the end of every description (or near pictures I put in).

Note 2. Most of the videos that are used here are from Youtube.com so for further info on them click youtube sign in video.

Note 3.  Adds in the blog are ONLY by wordpress.com (its all explained here). As I use free version and can’t allow myself to spend money for add blocking service all adds you’ll find will be from wordpress.com and I have no power over them. Of course its a small price to pay, because I don’t see adds as I’m logged in and I’m absolutely grateful wordpress.com for that. But never the less, as I use it for free I have no intention of making money out of it as well. I don’t like to be attacked by tons of adds when I enter the website (sometimes I feel like they make it as a game – who will be the brave one, or more likely, the patient one, to dig out the real content..) and I don’t want to do that.

Note 4. Icons that I use in the blog. (they link to their home if it’s not down.)
 MKV  WMVRainmeter Chrome PNG ico
For Starters No.1 For Starters No.2 Star-3 Star-4 Star-5 Star-5 Star-7 Star-8 Star-9 Star-10

Note 5. All visual charts of the anime I use in Year’s descriptions belong to their makers, and I don’t change any content in them (like removing copyright, authors’ signatures and so on), I only put my marking on them and don’t want to offend anyone so for that I try to provide a source of the picture and the original version. I’m truly grateful these people spent their time making it and I don’t want to take any credit of it, just share with others.

Note 6. I use a naming convention for most of files (pictures, rainmeter skin files and so on..). The author (if I know the name) is included in [] at the beginning of the name, then the name of Anime it belongs to,  then depending on the file it might be the type of  (reinmeter, chrome etc..) and then the original name of the file separated by “-” instead of ” “. Except for pictures, I only include original names if I assume they were given by the author.

Note 7. Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a nice widget program. all instructions about installation (or google it) and info about authors you’ll find by pressing little compass under the preview picture. Download is available by pressing small yellow zip folder or little drop (rainmeter) icon (all used icons are mentioned in Note 4).

Note 8. Chrome. Chrome is a web-browser (if you are not familiar with it you definitely should try it out – its free and made by Google) and some great people create skins for it. Download is available by pressing chrome icon or zip folder (that will include original file name as I use my own Note 6) and all about authors is under compass icon.

Note 9. PNG icon sets. RocketDock. Sometimes I include some nice png type icon sets (regards to the authors as well as you can find them under compass link) that you can use for RocketDock (its a custom launcher) and so on.. Download separately by pressing png icon or all of them by pressing zip folder.

Note 10. ShimejiShimeji is a small desktop mascot program, which runs with JAVA – the original author is Yuki Yamada who made an engine. It makes a small creature run around your desktop and play with IE – so anime fans made their own anime characters run around. All about running the program you can search in internet as a lot of people usually have problems with it – trick for me was to download old JAVA (6) version and install it. I post only the ones that I already tried and they worked, but if they don’t for you try google it (one tut.). If I have the link to the author (or source) I’ll be sure to provide it under the compass icon link.

Note 11. ICO icon sets. Ions can be used as a pictures of your folder on the desktop or anywhere on the Windows OS (I’m not sure about others). How to use.

Note 12. Seasonal graphics – all images I use in Years descriptions to represent seasons are taken from RandomnessThing. I just took the main images of the rainmeter skins provided there to download. The best of luck to the authors. These are the skins:

Note 13. I hope you will have the same fun reading this blog as I have writing it.. ^.^

Something that I got from MAL (deep thanks to the MeitDeist):