Ninja Scroll

Title: Ninja Scroll
action, drama, fantasy, horror, supernatural, historical, ninja;
Directed by: Yoshiaki Kawajiri;
Studio: Madhouse;
Year: 1993;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Anime: Ninja Scroll (2003);

Main characters:

  • Jubei Kibagami – main ninja guy;
  • Kagero – the girl;

Basically the story is about the traveling ninja who takes job offers for the money. Accidentally he meets up with a ninja girl and rescues her from danger.  Girl was a member of a ninjas group that was all killed by big rock-man (ok sounds strange).. So Jubei kills that man eventually.. and all other monster type his clan killers (Woman in the pic<- is one of them, she controls the snakes). In the end (as in all these type movies) he kills the main bad guy, that is connected to his past. His girl in the way dies also (this is often in these films and I hate it, I rather all good ones stay alive, or at least main ones)

Sounds like a typical ninja story, which I saw in live action films kinda a lot.. But it has its own charm. I like the ability of the woman – she can kill every man she sleeps with, because she is poisonous. But as a consequence of one meeting with an old hang (the old man) Jubei is poisoned and only way that he can be saved is to make love to Kagero.. But he refuses (he kisses her at one time and that saves him, but still), he respects her as a woman and doesn’t want to abuse her just because of her ability.

Despite that this is a brutal anime. Shows all killing scenes with detail.. you can see how big guy ripes poor smaller ones hands off, or sword slices though the head.. eeekkk (and I hate killing…) also ecchii (more pornographic to me actually) scenes exist. Talking about killing – I consider that in this anime they show the most impressive way to die – in last scene when Jubei is fighting against Genma (who has an ability to revive himself and cant die) Jubei trows him into the pool of hot gold (because there was a fire and all gold was dissolved and it was like a pool of hot gold) so even if he revives himself he cant escape golden shell he is in.

Other thing I though of after I judged this anime to get 6 (fine) on my anime list (mostly because Kagero dies) what if she didn’t die.. What kind of life they would have get? they cant live a normal life of the couple – he would die even from one kiss of her, and at this point she died happy – she was able to kiss the man she fall in love with and save his life, she didn’t have to suffer from passion, grudge to other girls and from the feeling of guilt that her man doesn’t feel real life. Also Jubei eventually would just feel sorry for her, but couldn’t live normal life (as normal as ninjas life can be..) and wouldn’t want to leave her also… So probably the only thing that was good for her was die.. So the mark went to 8 (very good).

A reminder. From the submarine No.6 there I was speaking of realism – guy was beaten up as for real real not for play play (sorry I just had to say that..) so I could say this anime has the same moment (though Jubei looks as nothing really happened). But still I wonder.. how many teeth he has left? its not like they grow back or something..

Not so much more to tell. In conclusion I could say that its a good story.


Trailer (pretty good one):



ed: “Somewhere, Far Away, Everyone is Listening to a Ballad” (誰もが遠くでバラードを聴いている) by Ryouhei Yamanashi



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