Title: Chaos;Head
Or: Kaosu Heddo
action, drama, horror, mystery, psychological, romance, science fiction, supernatural, thriller, cyberpunk, harem, otaku
Eps: 12;
Directed by: Ishiyama Takaaki;
Original Character Design: Mutsumi Sasaki;
Character Design: Shuichi Shimamura;
Studio: Madhouse;
Year: 2008; Fall;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng by m.3.3.w Fansubs / Misc. Enlightened Entertainment Works [m.3.3.w];
MAL: 8 (very good);
PC Game;
Manga: Nitroplus and 5pb, il: Sumihey (2008-9);
Manga: Chaos;Head -Blue Complex-Nitroplus and 5pb, il: Nagako Sakaki (2008-…);
Manga: Chaos;Head HNitroplus and 5pb, il: Takehito Mizuki (2008-…)
Anime: Steins;Gate (2011)
Anime: Robotics;Notes (2012-2013)


Main characters:

  • Takumi Nishijō – main guy, otaku;
  • Rimi Sakihata – pink hair girl, friend and lover of main guy;
  • Nanami Nishijō – light brown hair, sister of main guy;
  • Ayase Kishimoto – short violet hair, singer;
  • Yua Kusunoki – girl with glasses, lets play detectives;
  • Sena Aoi – dark hair, lets kick some ass girl;
  • Kozue Orihara – orange hair, not talking;

there is one more with lighter pink hair – its Seira – a character that Taku really loves;

This story starts with an image of the guy that I imagine the true ultimate otaku is – a boy that is interested only in gaming (though population of the gamers in it is … 2 v), lives in crappy little garage type house full of anime character statues, suspects everybody to have a bad thoughts against him, never saw a hair brush, is in “deep sleep mode” at school, has an imaginary girlfriend from some anime or game, has no interest in real girls (well does as long it concerns close relationship – i mean physically close, though he is not the one to allow girl too close), has a lot of delusions of half naked girls all over him and so on. so the one that I imagine as total otaku (and in one scene he actually says “I’ve watched too much anime” when all that strange stuff start to happen to him)… also he is one of those people (majority of everybody i guess) who plays violent games to calm themselves – isn’t it nice to kill all those mutherf*ckers down when you can’t do that in real world…

^ all life goes around the computer               ^ well at least his imaginary girlfriend is nice

well basically all story goes around this guy. He has some sort of delusions – he sees some things that are not true (like girl pleasing him with her feet v), but as anime goes on you get lost of all those things. What is true what is his delusions, what is others’… “Whose eyes are those?” – this is the phrase going through all anime and has a meaning for him. He meets a bunch of girls (though he is a total looser somehow all of them go rounds around him…. harem much? and he actually understands that he is a looser and that’s not possible). main idea here is that all the delusions of somebody can become true. Like from the bad thoughts and a big negative pressure all girls gain Di-Swords.. he tries to get one of those also.  eventually he does – because he want to save one girl he falls for – Rimi. At the end he understands that he also is a delusion of real Taku. (but somehow the first scene of Rimi killing a man and his memories of all family stuff are not explained… somebody lost the line). So there is a bad guy (suppose to be one, you know) who makes the machine (that real Taku thought of) and starts to make people have delusions  and kill or kill themselves (that is called New Generation i think). And here comes the girls who has to fight against …. backpacks and crazy excavator… you see no sense..

Somehow I cant tell about this anime in real sense… I watched it and I payed attention to it but still I can’t. Something I miss in between the lines of it. Something of that delusions becoming reality thing… Everything is going nice and you start to understand it but suddenly bang – everything goes to a totally strange situation, starts talky talky stuff you don’t get – about strange people, strange things and you are lost… again..

^you understand that? and actually read what they say…

in the end more or less (in my case less) it makes sense and you start to understand everything (or at least something)… But when the main character says

you start to understand that something is wrong and even the writers don’t know how to deal with it..

All girls gain their swords by some sort of bad memories or pressure put on them – that also is a source of theirs power. Ayase was forced to feel the drops of water on her every 5 seconds for 2 weeks (i think) and that made her mad.. Kozue was confused who she really is so she stopped talking.. And so on.. (anyway this anime is sadistic in a way.. ) some of them are not showed (explained I mean).. and Rimi is totally strange (her fear is that she woke up alone in the dark..). She is the friend of real Taku and in the end she tries to kill not real one because she wants to save the real one. (ok who tries to kill who? agrrr its insane) Though she is “in love” with him so she can’t and the real one dies – but he is not sad about that so everything’s good… the end is like pushed, because it happens fast and somehow doesn’t fit to the rest of the picture..

ok i’m starting to write delusions myself (^.^) sorry about that. lets move to some more interesting things.. like the swords. they are made really nice (in my opinion) They have a see though form and real one and belong to one of characters. Some of them have really original shape and so on..


^this is a bad guy.. and he had impressive sword        ^this belongs to Yua Kusunoki

^these i like the most..
As being the main sword it is totally not impressive. This is a sword of Taku

I have to write something here to jump the line.


Also a small detail about the drawing. Something about Taku was a bit strange.. He looked totally uncool (well i suppose that’s the idea), but in the end he started to look younger or cooler somehow in the way.. —> hmm he looks nicer.

but I have to say it.. that uniform of them (boys I mean) was totally crap. If it is real I would shoot myself(mm better the one who made it..). I hate squared green pants.  feee.. that’s just a girls thinking.. It can’t slip unnoticed. And One my friend said “green pants are bad, pants with squares are worse, and green with squares are king of lame. -.-” I’d rather go without pants at all”… Have that in mind when you create characters.. That only shows that no girls were allowed in this anime making…

And the last minor detail I would like to cover. The connection to reality. The place where everything happens is real. Actually even buildings are the same. (nice).. Also the programs that Taku uses totally represent the real ones:

^Google  – Deluoode                                      Youtube – MewTube^ (and butterfly???)

Verdict. So I guess you can call this anime one of those mindf*ck anime. final word.




AMV: Save Me

op: “F.D.D.” by Kanako Ito [lyrics]

ed: “Super Special” by Seira Kagami [lyrics]



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