Blue Submarine No. 6

BSN6_HTitle: Blue Submarine No.6
science fiction, adventure
mecha, military, mutants, post-apocalyptic, submarines
Eps: 4;
Directed by: Mahiro Maeda;
Character design: Range Murata;
Studio: Gonzo;
Year: 1998 – 2000;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Manga: Satoru Ozawa (1967);

Main characters:

  • Tetsu Hayami – the not so bad ass hero guy;
  • Mayumi Kino – a bit lost young girl;

First the story – mainly everything is going around the war between humans and some creatures, which are made by crazy professor Zorndyke. Everybody sees him as a bad ass man, who pretends to be God, and destroy world and humanity as it is. The main hero guy is asked to participate in mission to end the war.

Actually the story is short (4 eps), but well made, i mean you don’t feel that its too short or cut and you get the most of the points it wants to say.

As I read in wikipedia the manga of this anime was written in 1967, that’s really long time ago – really I mean its like after a IIWW and so on. So probably that’s why a lot of military stuff is in it, but still its kinda imaginative and with a lot of detail of future that’s not so unbelievable. (icebergs are melting and we might get fled you know..) and talking about quality – the anime is made in 98 – 2000! and look at the drawing, at animation (art work is by Range Murata and i love it), at details, at characters – they are really worked on and very well made (in my opinion) for time being (watched in 2010) its like unbelievably good. At least that’s my impression. (of course that impression probably bigger because I watched in blue ray edition… but still) The use of 3D graphics mixed with 2D and actually not bothering eye at all not like in some other movies I saw.

And one thing i just cant miss (a detail that not everybody even notice or consider important). In the last episode the hero guy is fighting (actually gets his ass kicked) by the really bad ass son of the old man. Hero is trying to say to bad guy that humans and creatures have to talk and listen to each other (but he just lost his father and all talky talky doesn’t affect him in any way, which is kinda understandable). And the big guy is hitting shit out of hero guy and actually he looses teeth (!! my point) and as he is hit more and more all the marks are left on him (ahh and he was kinda cute before this.. what a shame) and that looks really realistic – like you wonder ok this is anime, right?
Usually in all anime doesn’t matter how much hits heroes get they just get a lot of blood and some little bruises  and like are totally fine after few minutes (sometimes needs a bit more time, but still). Now now.. I know its sounds totally stupid.. and i don’t blame you, trust me I’m sometimes also get surprised by all nonsenses i get my attention on (<.<).

Also other point this time not that stupid (yay..) is that in the same scene the creature takes the tear of the girl (she tries to protect our hero) and looks at it and it looks like he understands something, but than he tastes it and says “its just a salt water” and goes berserk. (probably I missed something and didn’t get the true point) But i believe that this moment was when the author wants to show that we’re the same – we cry the tears of sea. And also messes up with our minds – “ok you thought that the monster will forgive everything and say that we’re all the same, we are friends and everything will be fine and they will live happily ever after – NO!!! take a hit! Its not going to happen, nobody gets better in 5 min and forgives others who are responsible for his friends deaths. Face the truth!”. Yes everybody IS the same – we don’t intend to forgive just because we are the same. That doesn’t give us a reason to kill either. (ok I’m starting to loose my point here so lets just leave it…)




ed: “Minasoko ni Nemure (みなそこに眠れ)” by The Thrill feat. Yukarie



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