Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Title: Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
drama, psychological, romance, science fiction, thriller, historical, military, police
Directed by: Hiroyuki Okiura;
Written by: Mamoru Oshii;
Character design: Tetsuya Nishio;
Studio: Production I.G;
Year: 1999 Edit [2014-10-02]:{ According to ANN production was finished on 1998 };
Watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng
Group: E1.BFG;
MAL: 8 (very good);
Manga: Kenroh Densetsu (1988-1999);

Main characters:

  • Kazuki Fuse – Wolf, true military man;
  • Kei Amemiya – Little Red Riding Hood, a misfortuned girl;

Have you ever read “Little Riding Red Hood”? Bad or good ending does it have? and what if we modify the story for a bit and make, lets say, wolf and little riding red hood fall in love? what kind of end would it be then?

All I can say is that this movie is really sad and gloomy. I tried to find a glimpse of hope and happiness in it, but all I found were doubts and reality. This is one of the most realistic sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen and yet it shouts to your face “Look how ugly and selfish  people are”. From the first scenes I could already tell that this will tear me apart and make me cry in the end. And it did. But I gathered all my courage and finished it.

It is full of conspiracy, lies, traitors, political bullshit, terrorism and death… and has a small line of love and romance. A military guy named Fuse gets a shock when a terrorist (I’m not sure about it.. they are more like a revolutionists, activist or something) suicide girl kills herself in front of him. Then he meets Kei claiming to be a sister of the girl.. And then it all starts – he (more or less) falls in love with her (well thats also a mystery because he is kinda not-showing-emotions man) and  if thats not complicated enough it gets worse because she is a double agent.. but he knows that… sooo… a lot of philosophy of life, politics and people.. Eventually reality and life breaks trough – he is a military man that is a beast. And that isn’t something you can deal with so simply.

Though I wouldn’t say that I liked this movie very much, but it is good. Its deep and shows true colors of people soul, of deep wolf’s instincts that we own, of manipulation. Yes he didn’t run away with her to have a happy life (I wonder if that was even possible), he became a pet, a manipulated fool who is just a tool to reach goals of some bastards.. This film is not about people who want to change the world and make it better (to reach peace), its about people who wants to make sure that they will be the power and they will be needed (to make sure there is something they need to fight). This isn’t about searching the truth, this is about irrationality of human specie, of its fight among each other for power. This isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong, because none of us are absolutely right or wrong..

Cosplay (hmm I wonder why to shoot it in the toilet that nobody would see and then put it on youtube that everybody would see..)





Pain Shut Your Mouth
When Angles Deserve To Die (very good song choice)

op: “Jin-Roh – Main Theme” by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

ed: “Grace – Jin-Roh – Main Theme – Omega” by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra



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