Mars Of Destruction

Title: Mars Of Destruction
Or: Hametsu No Mars
horror, science fiction
Eps: 1;
Producer: Idea Factory;
Year: 2005;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 5 (average);

Represents a game.. I suppose

Main characters:

  • 3 girls;
  • Takeru;

This is about 20 min low budget OVA, that tells a story about an attack of Earth by some strange Anciant things. And there is a group of girls and one boy that have to fight with them. One of the girl dies in around 3 min. others even don’t bother about that…

Animation is poor, sound also (though I like classical music, but somehow using only that is a bit .. cheating? well I suppose they cut costs there.. and everywhere else in this ova. And i will not forgive that they used Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata in the last scene – its remarkable piece and should be used only for worthy moments.. and this one really want that one )

There is a guy named Takeru that has to wear the powerful suit (called Mars and thats way this is named Mars of destruction I think). He is pushed to do that (by his father I think), and its a hard work to be in that suit. I like the transformation here, he actually is in pain to do so(well i dont like him being in pain its just the way of showing details and I consider it good and realistic). I like costume. Its kinda “Tron looking” (its from one blog that i read about this, respect for author). Also I kinda like Takeru (though animation is poor and he is girly… but i suppose thats cute for anime)

And he actually is the only one working here, because all that girls do is shoot and so on though that totally doesn’t affect enemy. So why to have them at all… they just die..

No further character development is found.

Other noticed thing that was enemy were sadistic. They actually tore people apart, and almost made fun of it.. Action is quick and goes fast (you know its is only 20 min and they  have to tell all story). The end suppose to be twisted because the real enemy is humans, they took Earth from Acients. But as it goes fast and there is strong lack of line it doesn’t give affect it should.

Well ova it self is not good but its not that hell of bad also. I would consider it to be like a nonprofessional piece of work from the beginner. But taking into account that this is something like promotional film for game… that only shows that game probably is the same low budget also..  hmm.. maybe if its something made by people working in garage after work.. and even then i think (too many I think’s in this review no?) people that really love to make anime, to make this kind of art (yes I consider anime art) they wouldn’t put something like this. Its like made by fast and not paying attention to it. Like forced to do. I would say this piece of art lacks love in it. (No no I don’t mean romance) I mean the love of author, the passion of making, that something that gives a feeling and life to it. That small message that it has to bring.

Also I should say one more thing that totally got my attention – all the bloging and writing about this Ova. It has really small rating and is considered one of the worst anime pieces ever made, but people keep on writing about it (me included). And write about how bad it is and putting all possible shit on it.. Why to do that? for others not to watch? but then people will watch just to make sure it is that bad. i found only one review (i mention it above also) that wasn’t putting so much bad stuff on this. Others are like totally calling this “FUCKING BAD“… But still can write all page (even longer than about good ones) about this anime and every detail of it. If this is so bad why to write about it so much? that only makes is more popular.. funny don’t you agree? I  think the makers made their point – they become even more popular than some good pieces.



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