Sora No Manimani

Title: Sora No Manimani
Eng: At The Mercy Of The Sky
comedy, romance, slice of life, school
Eps: 12+6 specials;
Directed by: Shinji Takamatsu;
Studio: Studio Comet;
Year: 2009;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng by Koharubi Fansubs [Koharubi];
MAL: 8 (very good);
Manga: Mami Kashiwabara (2005-..)

Main characters:

  • Saku Ōyagi – The lover boy;
  • Mihoshi Akeno – the happy happy girl;
  • Hime Makita – “I’m so jealous” girl;
  • Sayo Yarai – the “bright mind”;
  • Takeyasu Roma – the president of club;

The team:

If you want to read only about the anime skip this.. <<After watching this anime I have to confess… yes I am a romantic freak… what a shame!! I cant go in public anymore (beeee…). I had a hunch after I watched Clannad and fell in love with it (it was totally great.. mhhmm) but I thought that doesn’t matter because its one of the most respected and best drama type anime of all times. but now I’m totally positive that its the romantic part that attracts me in anime almost the most. Well it could be worse so I should just enjoy..
You might think that I’m crazy because I go mad because I like some sort of anime more than others… but in my point of view that narrows our potential and view, because we don’t look at anime as a part of art and don’t try to understand it all but we search for some part that we like the most (like romance in this case) and we can’t judge  of anime by its true value. We are more likely to judge positively about anime that has some features that we like rather than the one that doesn’t, thought it might have a totally better quality and deeper story.>>

Ok lets get back to anime because I already wrote half of page but none of it was about the purpose of this page (upsy puspy.. ah well).

Lets start with some story (what kinda start is this in the middle of the page..damn). Main here is the Saku-chan. He comes back to his hometown and starts to go to school. There he finds his old childhood friend Mii-chan. He is more the book geek (but girls are surprisingly interested in him, though he has his charm) and the Mii-chan is so totally happy and lively girl who could rule the world, and if that happens all people would start to look above their heads to the sky full of stars.So they start to renew their relationship. Saku-cahn with the influence of Mii-chan starts to participate in Astronomy Club activities and gets to know other people like president and Sayo. He starts to experience that there is much more than its written in the books and see the world in different colors.

Love story here (Saku and Mii) is not reveled too much, because neither of them confess, but you can feel it in the air, as I could say. Probably its because that Mii-chan doesn’t really understands her feelings in this case, she’s like a small kid, and Saku-chan… well hard to say, he feels something for her thats for sure but he still needs time to understand that.  Other story is from Hime side – she is in love with Saku-chan and you couldn’t say that he ignores her so as long as she will have hope. Other girl that you could say is also interested in Saku-chan is school’s counsel president. They both are interested in books and have a lot in common. (I said he was a lover boy). Also there is a story that doesn’t involve main characters. Its president and some other girl from other school, she even invites him on a date looking hang out in the last ep. sweet.

Other love story here is a story about the sky and stars. We usually live in big cities and don’t have an opportunity to see so many stars as there actually is in the sky.  So this anime tells us to rise our heads and look, because we miss such a wonderful thing. If you keep your attention you might even learn something, because there are a lot of info about astronomy, stars and planets. (and they say i totally waste my time…)

<- Visualization used in anime to connect stars and show the story about them.

Also this anime has a lot of funny moments of actual simple life (a lot of anime lacks that these days, because usual jokes now are too perverted ones or totally missing the point). I really liked the prime so cool president of council to talk with a statue or bamboo instead of people.. (simple and classic but works on me). Also lets not forget the president of club.. (but in the end I thought that some people might find it a bit offensive, because they make fun of sick and weak people, but on the other hand anime usually make fun of everything so lets not go to details). The president has a weak health and looses consciousness pretty often. Also he bleeds occasionally so I sometimes still wondered how is he still alive (??) but he is really loyal to the club and does everything that is in his power (or beyond it) to help and fulfill his duties. Yay president rules…

In the (not) end I can say that I really loved this anime, not only because of romance, but also because of the atmosphere, the feeling and something deep. Some fuzzy feeling you get when you watch this. Thought Somebody might just call me girlly because of that.. but i don’t really care. At least i’m not that bad: (and he’s a guy..)

While I was surfing internet for neet pictures i found one cool blog that was written on the airing of this anime. I read it all about Sora no Manimani and I really liked (best regards and support for the author). I agree that president is a totally hit and I liked him the best in all anime, though I’m not a Hime fan so its a bit too Hime-ish for me (hi hi.. though she is cute and there was a picture of her as a teen and I noticed that she is similar to Candy Candy.. ahh I grew up with her, so Hime still has a bit of my support)

^ Hime                                       ^Candy

So I guess thats it.. I finished my romantic vobling and can go to some serious business. Lets see what else I have in my PC and choose something randomly… But I will miss that fuzzy and fury feeling.. its a shame there’s no second season, but I believe I have some specials in my computer. And this was kinda new anime so maybe second season will be some day..



op: “Super Noisy Nova” by Sphere [lyrics]

ed1: “Hoshikuzu no Surround (星屑のサラウンド)” by CooRie [lyrics]
ed2: “Yami ni Saku Hoshi no You ni (闇に咲く星のように)” by CooRie (ep 4)



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