Title: Bakemonogatari
Eng: Ghostory
action, comedy, mystery, psychological, romance, slice of life, supernatural, dark comedy, fanservice, harem, magic and occult, spirits, vampires
(uhh that was long…)
Eps: 15;
Directed by: Akiyuki Shinbo;
Written by: Nisio Isin;
Character design: Akio Watanabe;
Original character design: VOfan;
(no idea how’s that different)
Studio: Shaft;
Year: 2009;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng by Coalgirls [Coalgirls];
MAL: 9 (great);
For Starters No.2 Star-7
Based on visual novels (big amount);
ONA: Akiyuki Shinbo (2009-10);

Main characters:

  • Koyomi Araragi – the vampire guy;
  • Hitagi Senjōgahara – the crab girl without weight;
  • Mayoi Hachikuji – snail girl, the lost one (more like dead one);
  • Suruga Kanbaru – monkey girl, really sporty one;
  • Nadeko Sengoku – snake girl;
  • Tsubasa Hanekawa – cat girl…

This is one of those anime you could call really original. Maybe not in all the meanings but in most of them. Starting from animation, story telling and finishing by characters and their design.

Basically the story is about the boy that tries to help all other girls (see the list above) to come over their abnormal situations. One of them – Senjogahara – becomes his girlfriend while Nadeko and Tsubasa falls in love with him but don’t get attention. He meets up with Sejogahara by accident and he saves her life and in order to thank him she does this:

^thats a knife in the right hand and stapler in left hand (thats a new word for me) and all that in his mouth… nice gratitude – everybody dreams to have that in their mouth..

eventually he helps her (again, and even after all that big thanks.. ya sure all boys are like that.. in your dreams) to become a normal person and to get her weight back.. and he helps all other girls in a list to overcome their fears. More or less he is a good guy who wants to help everybody.

All stories have a deep story underneath it. All girls have problems and are possessed by some particular god, demon or whatever. Mostly that is because they have a soul problems in the first place.

Hachikuji—> is lost and cant go home to her mother because she is dead (i mean the girl) and everybody she is with are lost also. More or less only the ones that don’t want to go home can see her… Well there is more deeper there but you have to see it to understand. She met (became) a snail in her way and now just is lost. Though our hero guy helps her to get home she still appears later. Story touches ghosts and family relationships after divorce. (also in one scene…)

(you can notice that there are a lot of different animation stiles used)

Then there is Nadeko-> that is possessed by the snake. It is a curse that some other girl put on her because she rejected a boy the girl liked. well here they touch a romance stuff when people are rejected and others want to revenge for it because they love them.. Reason she rejected the other boy because she has feelings for our hero boy so we get a rejected number one. Also in this story they state the absolute true “what goes around comes around” so curse goes back to its owner – the one that released it. And there our hero has a dilemma – he realizes he cant save everybody.   life sucks even in anime.. but there was also one phrase that should be stated “don’t forget who you are trying to save..”. You cant save all (only SonGoku could do that.. ya he was a man..)

And the last one and my personal favorite (a vid). And also i really feel sorry for her. She was shy to tell the Hero guy that she is in love with him soo during that time he found other girl… well she was a coward but lets confess most of us are in these things.. and even if she had confessed to him it wouldn’t have helped. There is a scene where Araragi tells that he could never fall in love with her… that’s something hard – when you don’t have any chances. That’s why she becomes a cat. Its an expression of her stress. She has a hard family life because she is unwanted child – parents she lives with are not her real ones, she is just put on them for some reasons. So she tries her best to be something like perfect – she studies excellently, and even justify her stepfather when he hits her. (somehow it strucks into the heart when she says “Its ok. Its only one time.” – usually second one is easier to hit and after sometime it becomes normal.. that’s not fair in any situation). so she really has it tough.. probably this kind of life is the reason she wants to run from everything – after graduation she wants to travel around the world. She wants to be free.. yet she is loving person and just wants to be loved. Some shots that I believe would be hard for anybody to handle:

^ she tells him to stick with Senjogahara ^he says to her…

Also there is other girl – a vampire that is mentioned and has an influence on Araragi, but as the story about Araragi himself is not told (except some details) I don’t mention it very much also. There is a guy named Meme Oshino who is like a supervisor or a wizard (though does’t look like one) and helps to fight with gods.

The main guy – is not very smart but brave and nice guy. He wants to help everybody and usually puts a lot on the line. He chooses Senjogahara over Hanekawa, but acts like a normal boy – reacts to when sees Hanekawa in her pajamas, or when feels her body very close. Also reacts to Nadeko:

But as you watch anime you start to like him. In the end he says that he is proud to be loved by Hanekawa, though loves Senjogahara and doesn’t betray her. In the end it becomes too complicated to explain in simple so its better to see.

Ok that’s more or less all girls (and two boys – smells like harem). I chose this way to tell the story because it is told like this. Series are divided into parts that tell a story about different situation and girl. They mix a bit in between, but don’t lose the track. (every story has its own op and ed, though music of ed i think doesn’t change).

I couldn’t say that I loved this anime or anything but it had its own charm and was really interesting to watch. This is one of those anime you have to pay a lot of attention to. Specially for the speed reading test .. In every ep. There is an explanation or something like that given in really fast running text.. to read it you need to stop video and some of them even takes only few frames so very fast and you have to catch it first… At the same point I should mention some scenes which are also switched very fast and to actually see them you have to stop the video at some point..(specially in last ep – btw cool line from there “do you think I’m smart enough to lie to you?”) be sure to be older than 18 to see this

All anime is full of hints referring to making love, sexuality, pervertism and so on.. see the vids I gave before, or the scene where Sanjogahara shows up naked in front of her future boyfriend, and even in the first ep first 10 seconds looks like this:

^ and actually those belong to Hanekawa.. as a shy girl she picks kinda cute underwear…

ok lets move from these things, because this review will have to have adults only sign.. Or I will start to see more than there is. Like are those just having sex or something?
Jokes and funny parts in anime are occasional. They happen but sometimes you don’t get it.. or they are repeated a lot of times.. actually some things are repeated a lot of times without any particular reason.

Other thing (that i probably liked the most) was animation. I already mentioned it but this anime really has it in a nice way. there are used a lot of different animation types and styles to represent  different emotions. (somehow most of animations are used for Araragi). There are special short pictures put between some moments like black scene, red scene and one i think purple scene. In some parts a real pictures are used. If I remember right in last part – Hanekawa was represented as real person. Also a small animation trick is used. A small hair hank of Aragagi is used to represent his emotions at some points:

And with some sort of “emotions” it can come up and then go down… actually kinda cute. Its like a barometer showing the atmosphere inside of him..

more or less I guess that all I wanted to write..




AMV after witching this, I decided to watch this anime:

Angelface – 5W1H Alt
Kaito – Yume wo mita


op1: “staple stable” by Chiwa Saito [lyrics]
op2: “Kaerimichi (帰り道)” by Emiri Katou [lyrics]
op3: “ambivalent world” by Miyuki Sawashiro [lyrics]
op4: “Renai Circulation (恋愛サーキュレーション)” by Kana Hanazawa [lyrics]
op5: “sugar sweet nightmare” by Yui Horie [lyrics]

ed1: “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語)” by supercell [lyrics]



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