Title: Akira
action, horror, psychological, science fiction, supernatural, cyberpunk, military, post-apocalyptic, psychics, superpowers
Directed by: Katsuhiro Otomo;
Character Design: Takashi Nakamura;
Studio: TMS Entertainment;
Year: 1988;
Watched: no idea, re-watched: 2012;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);

Manga: Katsuhiro Otomo (1982-1990);

Main characters:

  • Tetsuo Shima – the main guy, who gets nuts over power;
  • Shotaro Kaneda – the one who acts all cool and stuff.. and tries to put some sense in Tersou, though sometimes misjudges him;
  • etc etc..

This review should have happened ages ago, because I saw this movie at the start of my anime life.. But i know that back then (and even now) it didn’t leave that huge impact that I was expecting (being so famous and all). It’s a strange/crazy movie (as one of my friends would say) and i bet that at the time it showed up it definitely shook ground under some people foot and in their mind. Its one of those raw movies that don’t hesitate to show insides of somebody splashing all over the place.

Well i don’t know if i need to tell story line, but for the sake of tradition – young boy Tetsou gets in the accident couse while riding his bike he almost hits some strange old looking boy. Everything happens in New-Tokyo (after 3rd World War, in 2019). So when military shows up and takes him with them, starts to analyze him and so on, they discover that he gained some strange powers.. Eventually those powers posses him and as he has some old grudge against his friends he shakes some ground. His best bud Kaneda tries to rescue him, then stop him, then rescue him again.. And he does it in an kind of strange way – shooting at a friend with a huge gun.. well eventually things get out of hand, but here comes old looking kids again and save the day..

Well the story also covers a strong feeling of religious fanaticism, scientific blindness, political selfishness, friends’ jealousy and seek for power. Tetsou is jealous of Kaneda’s bike, but under that he is jealous of his strength and power over others (as he is a gang leader). This movie uncovers simple truth of people ugly inside. Deep dark feelings one tries to hide, secret hatred for best friends.

AKIRA itself is a name of a boy, who gained a huge power in 1988 and made something like apocalypse happen, so when Tetsou gains a huge power people start to think that Akira came back.., but truth is that he is in a big chamber under a big stadium packed in bottles piece by piece.

And yet even if i don’t see this film as a big masterpiece i still rank it pretty high.. why? because of selfish (romantic) nostalgic feeling it gives me. First – its the same age as me, second – this movie was one of the reasons i met with one of the most precious friends in my life ^.^. As we started to talk we figured out we like anime and even without knowing each other we started to talk about this movie – it was a start of wonderful friendship. Best regards to him, because I know he’s reading *-*






op: “Keneda” by Geinoh Yamashirogumi [lyrics]

(its not actually from movie, but quite amazing – music is right)

ed1: “Kaneda” by Geinoh Yamashiro-gumi
ed2:”Requiem” by Geinoh Yamashirogumi [lyrics]



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