Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Title: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Or: Kaze no Tani no Naushika
adventure, fantasy, post-apocalyptic
Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Written by: Hayao Miyazaki;
Studio: Topcraft;
Year: 1984;
Watched: something around 2008; re-watched: 2011;
Dubbed: eng;
Group: Vision Anime [V-A];
MAL: 9 (great);

Manga: Hayao Miyazaki (1982-94);

Main characters:

  • Nausicaa – the princess;
  • Asbel – the boy, though appears pretty late;

“Here me now people of Vally of the Wind. We came to your land in a name of peace.” (that’s why we just killed your king..)… People are all time the same, we fight for peace.. but if you want peace – then don’t fight..

Princess Nausicaa

well that was a great start don’t you think? but it gives an idea what this movie is all about. A brave and smart girl Nausicaa, who is a princess of the valley of the wind, has an extreme ability to connect with insects and big animals that live around. Most of earth is covered in poisonous jungle, where strange insects live. But Nausicaa is the one who knows that if you don’t anger them everything will be fine. She is the only one that tries to go through the long, but fair way, while other nations try to burn the jungle (well in subs it’s named Sea of Decay, but lets let it be).

One thing that i really liked was her flying machine. observe:

other thing – how any of these films could go without any cute guy poping in. Here is one also (and his voice in eng dub was really nice.. according to wikipedia its Shia LeBeouf? but he’s younger than the film ^.^ how does that work? did eng dub went out so late? )

Charming fellow isn’t he?

yet its another work of great Hayao Miyazaki, and it also has that strong feeling of people treating earth wrong and not respecting its surroundings. Similar to Laputa (though this one was before Laputa) in sense of earth living without humans, as we only know how to pollute it and destroy everything, it is amazing piece of fantasy and imagination. Though maybe animation is a bit less exiting (but hey it is 1984), the ideas and everything in it is shockingly unique. Simple, but full of action, unique though tells the old moral that people should already know – lets love where we live and treasure everything we have. Drawing is nice, specially people (has all that future Ghibly studio charm), characters are developed enough, has their bad and good sides (well maybe Asbel is a bit off, because there is not much of him, but as he is just supporting its fine), moral is strong, full of action. I like that there are no really bad ones – its just their blindness and stupidity that leads their wrong deeds.

ahh ya one more minor detail for the end. I really liked one of the “not so good” characters in this anime, not for her character as such (Nausicaa rules in all that mater), but for her hair style. Its just cool.

I guess I will finish with this charming lady.






op: “Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä” (風の谷のナウシカ; Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind) by Joe Hisaishi

ed: “Tori no Hito” (鳥の人; Bird Person) by Joe Hisaishi



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