Puss in Boots

Title: Puss in Boots
Or: Nagagutsu wo Haita Neko
adventure, comedy, fantasy
Directed by: Kimio Yabuki;
Studio: Toei Animation;
Year: 1969;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);


Main characters:

  • Pero – a cat;
  • Pierre – a boy;
  • Princess Rose – well a princess;
  • Lucifer – a bad guy;

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ahhhh something that made feel like a kid again ^.^ I remember this movie from my childhood (though other version… but all of them have the same in them). And I’m not so sure if this is what we could consider anime, but it is in MAL so lets say it is.

I don’t know if I have to tell the story, because basically everybody knows it. But here goes: the youngest child in the family is kicked out of his home because his selfish brothers what to keep all the money of their dead father. He meets with really smart cat that wears boots. The cat figures out that the best for the young boy would be to marry the princess and because her father will give her to the richest and best man cat starts his plan how to get the kid rich. But the princess is very beautiful and the evil Lucifer wants to be her husband too. In the way kid and the cat meets a bunch of mice that swears to help them, so when the king goes through the fields all farmers say that this is a land of the kid (they give him strange name I don’t now how to write so lets skip it) because farmers are threatened by the mice to eat all of their food. Also the naked-kid-scene where cat says for him to swim naked in the river and say that somebody stole his clothes. But to get the hand of the princess Boy need to win against the Lucifer. But the boy says the truth to the princess – that his real name is Piere and he is not rich at all (that wasn’t in the fairytale as far as i remember). But as princess falls in love with him she forgives him. But here comes the bad guy and takes the princess away. Boy goes after him to save her. Cat of course comes along (and some extra tree cats that chase him and try to kill him without any particular reason). There is scene that cat double-cross the Lucifer and makes him to turn into the mouse, but doesn’t have that luck to eat him, so the movie goes on, and boy gets his chance to prove that he is worth the princess. The power of Lucifer lies within the skull he caries so they take it away and when some comes up Lucifer vanishes.

Taking into account that this is a movie for kids (and I am such a kid sometimes) this is entertaining and cute film. Old tale made into more action and some more detailed story. This is something that I could show my kid. Though materialism is taken a bit to highly – but emotions taken also. Some old fashion funny parts (that still has its charm even after so many years), but even being old its not that worn-out and its still something that you can look at and feel lightly relaxed.

So I think that’s all ^.^ Being a kid sometimes is a good thing, so lets go to eat some lollipops and ice cream.



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