Angel Heart

AH_HTitle: Angel Heart
crime fiction
Eps: 50;
Directed by: Toshiki Hirono;
Written by: Tsukasa Hojo;
Character design: Takashi Saijo;
Studio: TMS;
Year: 2005-06;
Watched: 2009;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 7 (good);
Manga: Tsukasa Hojo (2001-2010); ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>❈<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Main characters:

  • Xiang-Ying (Glass heart);
  • Ryo Saeba (Ryo-papa);
  • Kaori Makimura;
  • Umibozu;
  • Liu Xin-Hong;

It is a story about the girl that is taught to be an assassin, but finds a totally different world in her new heart. After her attempt to suicide new heart is transplanted and she starts to see visions of the true owner of the heart. She starts to look for people who might have known that woman and specially for one man. Somehow I expected the Glass Heart (Code name of the assassin) to fall in love with that man, but she started to look at him as a father (Ryo-papa) and the woman (Kaori) inside of her as her mother. Anime tells all the story about Glass Heart, her friend from old days, Ryo and Kaori.

As I watched this anime quite some time ago so my memory doesn’t allow to write a long review of it. Comene…  and I don’t want to just copy everything from some other web page so this one will be short. Someday if I get a chance (and time) I’ll watch some eps again and continue my story in more detail.





op1: “Finally” by Sowelu” [lyrics]

op2: “Lion” by Koji Tamaki [lyrics]
op3: “Battlefield of love” by Isawa Asami [lyrics]

ed1: “Dare ka ga Kimi wo Omotteru (誰かが君を想ってる/Someone is Thinking About You)” by Skoop On Somebody [lyrics]
ed2: “Daydream Tripper” by U_WAVE [lyrics]
ed3: “My Destiny” by Kanon [lyrics]

ed4: “Kanashimi no Angel (Angel of Sorrow)” by Itagaki Junichi [lyrics]
ed5: “Feel me” by Nakamura Keizou [lyrics]



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