Battle Programmer Shirase

Title: Battle Programmer Shirase
comedy, science fiction, geek, hacking

Eps: 15;
Directed by: Hiroki Hayashi;
Character Design: Ryoichi Makino, Ryuichi Makino
Studio: G Plus, AIC;
Year: 2003-4;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng by Sora-no Shiro [SNS];
MAL: 9 (great);
… noting… whhyyy?….

Main characters:

  • Akira Shirase – BPS;
  • Misao Amano – the girl;
  • Yoriko Yunoki – other girl;

if you need a short, funny and light comedy look no further – this is just perfect. Its a short story about  a genius programmer who gets some strange and requiring his brilliant talent tasks. They all are given by different companies, but eventually by the similar looking guy named Akidzuki..

Though all the tasks are connected to programming and computing its far from being boring and difficult. It is full of fast, filled with humor action showing some really strange and unbelievably realistic  accidents that might happen and how our hero solves them. First, for example is exploding stuff using computer programs to make machines to overload. BPS beats this with simple mobile phone lying on the bench.. and thats just the start.. later he has to deal with some hacking into military computers, hypnotizing electrical waves, some really smart young girl from USA.. and on top of that (like a sweet cherry) he has to take care of his distant relative – young girl Misao. (though she lives with her parents, but there are some situations that only her beloved Onee-chan can actually save her..) like when she is innocently stuck with older boy on the stone in the sea in the middle of the storm..

one thing that i loved the most was actually the attitude of BPS – it always looks like he doesn’t give a s*it about anything, he always knows what he came for and what is expected from him, and manages to do his own thing while nobody else understands what he does.. but on the same time he actually can feel jealous and care about other people. On the same time he keeps his mind on a goal and doesn’t loose it.. well maybe only for the moment to fire up.. but who wouldn’t when you see your favorite girl in some other middle schooler arms..

the story is really light and doesn’t require a lot of thinking or going deep, but it has its own line and everything goes around old BPS’s days and his after-school studies that he attended to, but dropped because of some mysterious reasons.. and in the end we even meet someone from that group, but everything ends just started.. And in the way of “we-will-make-second-season”, but they never did… though on the other hand how many same looking jokes they can make without making you annoyed.. or they probably just ran out of haircuts for Akidzuki..

well now one last thing… lets share some….mmm.. disturbing scenes here:

and the most disturbing scene (note this is said not by Misao, but by other girl – Yunako, who actually is a USA soldier and also genius programmer):

and the last thing to mention. The ending of anime actually even considers possibility there will be no other season or anything like that, though they show the bond between that cute boy, who helped Misao, and young blond girl BPS met, they set kinda good atmosphere for new adventures and story… but at the end they trow something like that:

is it just me or BPS looks like a big goat? how did that happen? from this:

to this:

(I have nothing against goats – they are nice animals..) but why to transform almost cute guy into not so cute goat.. if he is going to be anything like that I probably will be happy with only one season..




op: “suddenly” by Naomi Amagata [lyrics]

ed: “Pure Enough” by Yuki Matsuura [lyrics]


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