The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Title: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross
action, adventure, drama, romance, science fiction, aliens, giants, love triangle, mecha, military, real robot, space, space battles, space navy, war
Eps: 36;
Directed by: Noboru Ishiguro;
Written by: Shōji Kawamori;
Character design: Haruhiko Mikimoto;
Studio: Studio Nue, Artland, Tatsunoko Production;
Year: 1982-83;
Watched: 2011;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);
Star-3 Star-5
Movie: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? (1984);
(here comes a lot of things of US called Robotech, you can find it if you follow link);
OVA: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 (1987);
OVA: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again (1992);
Manga: Sukehiro Tomita, Macross II (1992-93);
(an adaptation movie and manga by US)
OVA: Macross Plus (1994);
(an international version);
Anime: Macross 7 (1994-95);
Manga: Haruhiko Mikimoto, Macross 7: Trash (1994-2001);
Movie: Macross Plus: Movie Edition (1995);
Movie: Macross 7 The Movie: The Galaxy Is Calling Me! (1995);
OVA: Macross 7: Encore (1995);
OVA: Macross Dynamite 7 (1997);
OVA: Macross Zero (2002);
Anime: Macross Frontier (2007);
Manga: Macross Frontier (2007);
Manga: Haruhiko Mikimoto, Macross: The First (2009-…);
Movie: Macross Frontier The Movie: The False Diva (2009);
Movie: Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye (2011);
(uff that was long…)

Main characters:

  • Hikaru Ichijyo – the pilot boy, our lover boy;
  • Lynn Minmay – singer girl;
  • Misa Hayase – military girl;

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After such huge list of prequels and sequels (and its not full, because I didn’t add all US adaptations) you can understand that its not just SOME anime, its THAT anime..

Yay for tuna

Yes it is mecha, but not just simple mecha, it is also a romance and drama, that leads to one of the factors, which makes this anime so popular that they still make parts of it. It is a mix of nice big mecha fights with some romantic affairs and people falling in love for simple reasons.. at the same time it is totally science-fictional showing <-big tuna floating around the huge spaceship  and down to earth realistic showing unfair love and unpredictable ways of life..

The main story is that earth is attacked by aliens (who want to get Macross – huge spaceship) and so Macross goes into space to protect earth along with a town. That means a lot of people start to live in the ship. That includes Minmay. Hikaru is a pilot that (mainly because of Minmay) enters military. There he meets Misa. But as he falls in love with Minmay (they spend some time together when they accidentally get stuck in background of Macross) he doesn’t really pay attention to Misa, she does the same to him, because she meets Kaifun (Minmay cousin) who is extremely similar to her previous love. But as time passes, some fight happen. some people die (well eventually aliens or whatever takes away most of Earth population), Minmay becomes popular singer with Kaifun as her manager, Hikaru participates in fights as a pilot and gets to know Misa better because she is the one he talks to, feelings change.

SDF-1 Macross (click)

I will not tell about machinery, SDF-1 Macross or stuff like that because I don’t really have a lot of knowledge of that. (more info here) All I can say that it suppose to enormously big, has some safety issues (ok that pint point barrier is something I don’t imagine as realistic..). Though is very powerful. More or less I will leave it at here.

<- Still I don’t get how she can control some sort of barrier with that ball… humanly impossible to move it to all the points they shoot..

About the aliens. They are the same as people, just much bigger. They imagine their world only of fighting and that is their purpose. They see humans as protoculture they lost.. So all the things human still have (songs, kisses, love and so on..) makes a big impression on them. That makes me wonder why they to destroy humans.. well it is explained, talked about and in anime also. but I will not say it ^.^ bad bad me..

Along with the story characters analysis is done. Though it doesn’t look like very deep, but actually it is. Anime draws 3 main characters: Hikaru , Misa and Minmay.. that adds some extra like Kaifun, Max, Focker.. Hikaru – as real boy starting to understand life. Though he is hurt by Minmay as she stays with Kaifun, he still wants to be with her and lets her in his life every time she needs. Misa – as a bit older and already knowing life woman, who tries to live the best she can.. (I love that she wears red shoes ^.^ I suppose that’s uniform, but still.. a sign of a woman who shows what she wants , like when she hang the poster of Minmay upside down in Hikaru’s room, or gave her own pictures for him). She is not idealized, feels jealousy, passion and compassion. The last scene where she says goodbye to Hikaru actually is very good. Minmay – for me spoiled little missy, that wants everything from life. Though she gives all her might into singing and tries to cheer everybody up, but under that she just wants to be loved by everybody and doesn’t understand that life is more than scene or fame. That’s why she runs to Hikaru when Kaifun leaves her. Kaifun on the other hand is strange character – he hates military and refuses to see that it is the one saving his little ass most of the times. He wants Minmay all to him self and eventually I thought that he was with her as long as she could make him money (though I guess that’s not what they meant to show). He saves her at some points, but also pushes her to work a lot (even when she doesn’t enjoy singing anymore) and in the end when Minmay actually feels down he just leaves her.

A plan of Misa when she wanted to show she wants some attention also:

^finds evidence                  ^takes little revenge                   ^takes action (its not a dolor..)

^to put herself in rival’s place                       ^the goal reached ^.^

Few words about animation. Drawing style is kinda old (no usual big anime eyes), but still has some nice things. Though a lot of details are missed, but in general it looks nice enough..

also one detail I noticed when I started to watch thins anime.. well not important in any case, but still. There was a scene when Hikaru and Minmay were stuck in some not lived Macross part and Minmay thought that she wants to drink.. So Hikaru just broke some water pipes.. my first impression was – yes lets break some, nobody needs then anyway in huge spaceship with million of people inside floating in the middle of the space.. and on the same thought.. where the hell that water go out? spaceship suppose to be without holes inside of it.. anyway its just some unnecessary realism ..




Watashi no Kare wa Pilot” (私の彼はパイロット) by Mari Iijima:

Ai wa Nagareru” (愛は流れる) by Mari Iijima
0-G LOVE” by Mari Iijima
Milia no Lullaby” (ミリアのララバイ) by Eri Takeda
My Beautiful Place” (マイ・ビューティフル・プレイス) by Mari Iijima
Silver Moon Red Moon” (シルバームーン・レッドムーン) by Mari Iijima
SUNSET BEACH” by Mari Iijima
Xiao Bai Long” (小白竜) by Mari Iijima
Yasashisa SAYONARA” (やさしさSAYONARA) by Mari Iijima
(note. Some videos are from newer versions, though songs still the same)

op: “マクロス (Macross)” by Makoto Fujiwara [lyrics]

ed: “ランナー (Runner)” by Makoto Fujiwara



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