Guin Saga

Title: Guin Saga
fantasy, war-medieval
Eps: 26;
Directed by: Atsushi Wakabayashi;
Original Character Design: Natsuki Sumeragi;
Character Design: Toshiharu Murata;
Studio: Satelight;
Year: 2009;
Watched: 2011;
Subbed: eng by AnimeYoshi [AniYoshi] and Frong Fansubs [frong];
MAL: 6 (fine);
Light Novel;
Manga: The Guin Saga Manga: The Seven Magi, Kaoru Kurimoto, Kazuaki Yanagisawa  (2001-3);
Manga: Kaoru Kurimoto, Hajime Sawada (2007-10);

Main characters:

  • Guin – guy with leopard head;
  • Rinda Farseer – cute girl, one of the famous twins;
  • Remus Farseer – the waining after some time turning bad boy, other twin;
  • Istavan Spellsword – other main guy;

Let’s see what we have here now. Some sneaky I-want-to-know/rule-everything people with their I-don’t-care-what-happens-to-others-as-long-as-I’m-happy  plans, some innocent becoming bad action, one naive but cute girl (who is btw the coolest of all characters), one naive broken hearted former princess, one person with leopard head. All that wrapped up in kinda nice game-ish atmosphere and graphics and you get exactly Guin Saga.

All plot just screams out that its a game. And in that meaning its kinda good fantasy based game, when main characters have to fight some evil kings, spirits and stuff. But i have a deep wonder if that was a right way to do anime out of all that.

The only fanservice this anime has.. and probably only moment they tried to make a joke. after this they understood its not going well so they just stopped. Thank God

First some plot in short – a guy with leopard head Guin (who doesn’t remember who he is, but tries to know that) helps twin kids, who are hunted by Mongols, because they are only one left rulers of Paros and the only ones who know how to use ancient machine that can deport people into other place. Sooo.. they also meet a guy named Istavan, who thinks that he is meant to be a king of some kingdom and he has to find a queen of light (who he thinks is either Rinda, either the princess of Mongol.. he swears to protect Rinda, but then runs off.. well he is kinda lost in the end i think. He even attacks Guin..). But that’s only one part. Other one is about the princess of Mongol – to take over Mongol and to destroy it, Naris (the big brother or fiancée of Rinda, or something like that.. well he has to be a husband of her in the future..) seduces princess of Mongol and then drops her at the wedding. (I dont like her anyway.. she is naive, wants everything to go her way and over all looks like a spoiled teen girl). That and some other political shit that happens destroys all country of Mongol and they go under control of someone else (some other king). Also during all these two lines there are other events, like when Guin saves all Suni (monkey looking people) from destruction, kills some crazy ass king, and eventually becomes a right hand of Remus (but in the end goes away to find himself..). I don’t think that I need to go more into detail, because for that you should see anime itself.

He is a messenger – he has a stick (that shining thing in his hand is a some sort of magic stick)

Most of my compliments go to animation and drawing. Though it has its flaws, but scenery is done nicely and people are drawn in a beautiful way (though it is far from typical anime style, as I said before its more game-ish), but its really colorful and bright, really detailed, and attracts attention, even if you don’t enjoy the plot too much, you can find some nice things to see anyway.



Also one more thing to mention – subs. I watched version that was a work of two groups first one – AniYoshi (eps from 1st to 8th) and then frong (the rest of eps). Something that I noticed in frong translation that they liked to give their own comments on some action going on (and for me it wasn’t bad, though some people might dislike it). I will give some examples that were interesting.


Also question of the anime – guess who: man or woman?:

And for the end. I think I will let frong to finish this one for me:



op: “Guin no Theme” (グインのテーマ) by Nobuo Uematsu

ed: “Saga ~ This is my road” by Kanon (really beautiful)



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