Lovely Idol

Title: Lovely Idol
comedy, romance, idols, harem
Eps: 12;
Directed by: Keitaro Motonaga;
Character design: Aoi Nishimata;
Studio: AIC, TNK;
Year: 2006;
Watched: 2010;
Subs: eng;
MAL: 6 (fine);
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>❀<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Based on Light Novel; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>❈<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Main characters:

  • Mizuki Sakaki – violet hair girl;
  • Kotoha Kiryū – gray hair girl;
  • Mai Nonomiya – orange hair girl;
  • Miu Nekoya – brown hair girl;
  • Hina Hōjō – blue hair girl;
  • Ruri Fujisawa – yellow hair girl;
  • Tomohiro Fujisawa – the manager;

LI_Cast LI_Cast-2

Today i finished this anime (the date is seen in the url if you look carefully.. cool way to keep the track, nah? ^.^). Lets see what i can tell about this. Well as i started to watch i didn’t expect anything (unknown anime, just got it from somewhere in my PC don’t know when, and i usually don’t read about anime before watching, so nothing to expect, nothing to be disappointed about – that’s a moto). So as this anime doesn’t have a strong line i wasn’t that disappointed. I liked the main song that girls were making for the debut I even enjoyed some silly little jokes they tried to pull like exploding microwave without any particular reason.

the basic of the story is the (<—)Mizuki, because  she is like a leading singer in this group. She is the one who created the song and so on. She has a hard life because her mother left her when she was a child, so she sings as a revenge to her. She doesn’t really want to sing in the group in the beginning but in the end she is the one holding this group together.

I think of this anime being a really harem type, because there is only one male leading (manager) and a big bunch of girls making his life harder to live. Most of the older girls from previous years, (they already had their debuts, that actually made me confused and I even checked if there aren’t other previous seasons – no, this is the one and only yay ^.^) (not so yay anymore, mistake – there is OVA but it was after this one).. (now you totally don’t remember what was written before the brackets so I’ll repeat) hem hem.. Most of the older girls are more or less in love with the manager (though they all look like little girls for me). At least its good that none of the girls from this group is (just his sister is a bit over reacting sometimes), so that doesn’t interfere with the cute, innocent and childish actions that they do. But still all the anime has a strong harem feeling in it.

I suppose that’s enough what I wanted to say, because there just isn’t much i possibly could say about this anime.







op: “Koi, Hajimemashita!” by Sakura Nogawa [lyrics]

ed: “LoveLoveLove no Sei na no yo!” by Sakura Nogawa, Mai Nakahara, Halko Momoi, Yuko Goto, Minori Chihara & Kanako Sakai [lyrics]



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