404 home not found


This means that original website I downloaded content from went down and is inaccessible. And I can’t find any other website that might be by the same author.

Author. So to know the author of the content look at the name of the file you downloaded it will be in brackets [] for example [someone]_Anime_Content-type_Name.extention – “someone” is the name of the author who was mentioned in the website I downloaded content from (not the case for icons, I will not be able to provide this info). If the content is the list of anime by year the author will be notified in respecting portion of post.

Installation. Now if you are lost what the file might be for and what to do with it. More about it is in the HW page.

Some of the pages that went down:

  • The Black List Project;
  • gettyicons.com/