Title: Yukikaze
Or: Sentou Yousei Yukikaze
drama, psychological, science fiction
Eps: 5;
Directed by: Masahiko Ōkura;
Studio: Gonzo;
Year: 2002-05;
Watched: 2010;
Dubbed: eng;
MAL: 8 (very good);


Main characters:

  • Lieutenant Rei Fukai – main guy (sits in the picture ^);
  • Major James “Jack” Bukhar – main guy no.2 (stands ^);
  • Yukikaze – is in the picture;

Other work of Gonzo studio that I recently watched. And also very good. Story line is a bit hard to follow, because most of the things are not explained and you have to figure everything out by yourself. That makes it also interesting and intense – its not one of those anime you can watch while you work on something else. To understand you have to pay a lot of attention to it otherwise you’ll just get lost.

And I really mean it because it took me 1.2 eps to understand what a heck is yukikaze. (I’m not very bright anyway but this is a bit harsh, but at least I finally understood).

Some new knowledge:
<- Yukikaze actually means – “snow wind”. Original source of image was a blog of one dude named Jim Lowerre, which actually is not related to anime, but dude anyway was cool… aham.. (noding) but blog is not working anymore)

Now lets move to the story. Earth is attacked by aliens named JAM and there is special air force – SAF in short. There is  lieutenant (our main guy)  Rei and his chief (main guy no.2). They are bounded with some strange relationship (specially from guy no.2). Well actually kinda cute to watch, but its more one sided relationship, because the Rei guy is more interested in his piloted plane. And actually that plane is named Yukikaze (and I told how long it took me to understand that…). So main idea here is the relationship between Rei and Yukikaze, because it looks like Rei and plane are attached to each other. Yukikaze is special the most powerful SAF plane, and only one who can pilot is Rei. And when I say attached I mean the real relationship: they trust each other, the plane actually can be afraid and try to save pilot and so on. Yukikaze is called a fairy and if you pay enough attention you even can see her.. But also you can understand that she is locked and cant get out and only one that understands her is Rei. let’s stop here and leave some  mystery what happens after that.

What I liked in this anime was actually Yukikaze itself, kinda nicely done plane, though I don’t understand much about them.. (pff.. as if I can know everything). And other thing I liked was… JAM.. jop I liked enemy. Because it didn’t have a normal form and you couldn’t understand where it is and where not. And specially I liked it in last ep, last fight. It was really good. Its like huge enormous power, which doesn’t have real shape. (and I find it kinda relative to humans them selfs, because the shape of the war place is like after atomic bomb). But for me looked really impressive. (some details show up in this wid or this one)

Other thing that I liked here was actually Rei. He was main hero here and actually didn’t look like that . He looked more like an innocent girl, that is thrown into battle field. He doesn’t speak much (kinda typical to heroes), but look at him, so cute and simple. No wonder Yukikaze fall for him (hi hi, girls are the same even if they are huge war planes).

some pics (I believe its covers of Doujinshi works, i will put links below for two that i I have, but be sure that you are not discussed by yaoi ):




AMV: Trinity Rising;

Op: by Sentou Yousei

En1: “RTB” by Monsieur Kamayatsu [eps 1-4] [lyrics]

En2: “RTB-AGL2” by Monsieur Kamayatsu [ep 5]



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